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i9 13900 Too Many Cores Warning


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Sorry for the delay in replying.  Real world got in the way.


Attached are the .cfg files from data/userprofiles/P3Dv5.


I am receiving the following message when using Configuration Mananger/Tweaks/Affinity Calculator:  ERROR: Unable to read System Cores.


When I run a profile, the Prepar3D.cfg file ends up containing the P3D default mask, rather than the tailored one.  Actual core usage appears to be the default mask.


Thank you,




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  • Developer

No Problem.


Please have a look into "cfgSet_run_00001.cfg" at line 6


F:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\PREPAR3D.EXE <priority|Above Normal> <window|Normal> <cores|0>


At the end there is <cores|0> this is the issue.

You can either try to manage that with SIMstarter NG P3D GUI or just editing your "cfgSet_run_*.cfg" files.

I would remove all "<cores|X>"

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