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----> Very important, disable other AI traffic DLC <--------

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Of course we checked out all marine AI traffic DLC and we think most are all damned good. But they simply will cause problems with this DLC and far more important, you simply do not need them. Our North Sea DLC is many times more comprehensive than any world covering AI traffic DLC could ever be. 


If you fly in the covered region any other DLC intended to add wind turbines, oil/gas platforms, and the like should be disabled, as we cover anything those DLC can include for 100%. Do not forget to enable it when you fly in other regions.




With any project covering a massive area like this, you will encounter compatibility issues with other DLC. Some of it can be circumvented, and some of it simply not. For starters, we strongly advise you to disable any marine traffic DLC if you fly in this area. The vessels in these products can easily sail into areas they should not be in and often do not follow the shipping lanes very precisely. Secondly, we honestly believe you do not need them. We included every ship in the exact location when we made our snapshot (see the chapter on moving ships). You can’t get more realistic than that. The image shows the placement of ships; as you see, there are a lot of them, and again, they are not placed randomly, but that ship was at that location on January 20, 12:00 GMT.





Other possible conflicts are with scenery objects like wind turbines that are part of other DLC. If you report those in our support forums, we will do our best to find solutions

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@Mathijs Kok

Hello Mathijs,

first of all many thanks for the great add-on. Really a great upgrade and I have already conquered the first platforms with the H145 from HPG. This really works 1A.


You write yourself that one should please deactivate the autogenerated AddOns, the e.g. overhead lines, solar fields and very specifically for this add-on wind farms.

Is there a compromise from your side? I understand that you do not want to put exclusion rectangles over the whole North Sea. But maybe you can at least limit it to the wind farms.


I have not been able to detect a collision with AI traffic. E.g. the seafront ships happily pass through your ships. I can accept that well, since it rarely happens.

A large number of AddOns that represent platforms also does not exist. For Norway there is something that goes down to us, but that is also not a problem.


However, the duplicate wind turbines could be pretty well avoided by an exclusion.


What do you think?


Best regards from the Ländle,


Update: Mathijs commented already on this one: Bug Reports in FSDG wind farms. I'll test this!


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Indeed test that.


But for the other elements... we cover everything in the North Sea with the highest possible realism. It supersedes anything that is currently available in any other DLC. It replaces every other DLC for the same area with more realism. The other DLC is fully replaced. 


The Seafront ships indeed sail through our ships and also through wind parks, oil platforms, buoys, work sites, gas rigs etc. But these ships should simply never be in those areas, they are closed of for shipping. I fully understand why, but the issue is not with our DLC, it is the lack of realism of other DLC.  Again I fully understand why this is, making AI routes that are super detailed is extremely difficult and not worthwhile until there are more objects to collide with.


I hope you understand our line of reasoning. 

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@Mathijs Kok

Dear Mathijs,


yes it works.


One only has to use the "reorder tool" and give the "Aerosoft North Sea add-on" the highest priority. E.g. it must be on the bottom.


The "reorder tool", one will find under "general options" & "experimental".


Now it's a beauty!!!



Thanks for the rocket-fast support!


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