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Video's and pictures, please post here

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Note that the collision between ship and platform was caused by an additional DLC that should have been disabled. That specific ship is not part of our product. Our ships would not show these lights as the ones shown are for loading and unloading, not while the ship is moving.

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Lets explore the offshore landmarks: North Sea by Aerosoft from EHRD - Twitch


Stream is no talking just flying.

found 2 bugs so far in Rotterdam area.

1 unlandable helipad on a ship 00:35:44

1 small altitude bug on a platform in Rotterdam harbour 00:56:13

But so far, I really like this release! Congratulations to you and your team.

Any plans to fill up Rotterdam harbour/maasvlakte a bit more? 


* Also a UFO reported in Rotterdam

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Exactly, framerates are brilliant!

I can understand your choice in the whole landable/static/moving vessels discussion. Iam more than happy with this result so far. 

Next flights will be during nightfall and some spiced up weather. Lets see about the lights/buoys , water effects on the platforms and the handling from the H145.

I guess that will be enough challenge for the first flights.



Lets explore the offshore landmarks: North Sea by Aerosoft during storm from EHVB to the windparks - Twitch

The last part i pressed some wrong buttons so no complete story, but so far:

The red lights on the windmills are not that bright. Even in clear weather they are only noticeable last moment. (from 00:18:00 + 2min) when zoomed out in the cockpit.

Would be nice if we could see them from further away, like the ships.

Storm creates floods in the smaller boats (00:26:00 i guess because they are static) but gives especially on the platform a nice northern sea touch (00:29:00). The decks off the ships arent moving in the waves, so landing is just a matter of getting to know your choppa well enough for those circumstances (00:10:00). Another challenge lost, but maybe that can be created in the future one time.

havent seen the buoys yet in the dark, but that will be something for the next couple of flights.


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