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Why are the heliports not visible on the MSFS VFR Map Panel?
At this moment, only locations with the ‘airport’ tag are visible on that map. Unfortunately, helipads do not yet show. We have requested this to be changed.


Compatible with other DLC?

With any project covering a massive area like this, you will encounter compatibility issues with other DLC. Some of it can be circumvented, and some of it simply not. For starters, we strongly advise you to disable any marine traffic DLC if you fly in this area. The vessels in these products can easily sail into areas they should not be in and often do not follow the shipping lanes very precisely. Secondly, we honestly believe you do not need them. We included every ship in the exact location when we made our snapshot (see the chapter on moving ships). You can’t get more realistic than that. The image shows the placement of ships; as you see, there are a lot of them, and again, they are not placed randomly, but that ship was at that location on January 20, 12:00 GMT.




Any other DLC intended to add wind turbines, oil/gas platforms, and the like should be disabled, as we cover that 100%. Other possible conflicts are with scenery objects like wind turbines that are part of other DLC. If you report those in our support forums, we will do our best to find solutions


Conflict with FSDG Landmarks Niedersachsen
We know of some double wind parks in the area near Borkum and will talk to FSDG to see what the best way to fix that is.

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