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Honeycomb Alpha Config question

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Good afternoon all.
I recently purchased the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo to replace some aging hardware that was starting to have issues.  Overall I love them, but have a question.  
In the configurator, I downloaded and activated profiles for the PMDG 777, and have selected the activate PMDG option.  While in the configurator, I changed the light switches on the yoke to correspond to the actual position of the switch instead of the profile preset of "up = off, down = on" (I'm assuming representing the moving switches forward for on, etc on the PMDG aircraft in sim).  I then select "Apply Changes", have "Activate profile on save" selected, and have even gone back into the profiles selection and activated the profile again.  When I go to the 777 in game however, the original settings are still active.  In the screenshot I've changed the beacon switch to "BCN Light ON" to "BCN_LIGHTS_ON" instead of the preset "BCN_LIGHTS_OFF" as an example.
Am I missing a step?

Jim Davey

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  • Aerosoft

Thank you. Please let us know.

Please also check that, when atarting the sim or manually activating the profile in the Configurator, 

a message pops up on the sim screen confirming the right profile is loaded.


Thank you.

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