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Aerosoft Airport: Oslo-Gardermoen (ENGM) (preview)

Jonas S.

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On 9/21/2022 at 2:39 PM, Jonas S. said:

@Jo Erlendshared some first impressions of his latest project, Oslo-Gardermoen airport!

Please find the marvelously looking screenshots below (make sure to open them in a new tab for full resolution!) :


Instant buy will make a GSX profile for this one to as with EBBR 🙂


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  • Administrator

It is only when you zoom in that you see how masterful Jo manages to manipulate the lighting options of the sim. Click two times on this image.


Of course Jo is a master modeler, but he is not alone in that category, there are at least a dozen more modelers who seriously understand the graphics engine and are able to push it to the limits. What is special about some modelers is that seem to understand how light and colors work.  Let's call it artistic. I think it is. It is so easy to make a mess of the image I show below. Just a bit more color and it looks artificial. Now it is just right.



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You’re a true master of your art Jo! Your Brussels scenery pushed the boundaries in what is possible in MSFS and it looks like this one will do the same. Day one purchase for me! You continue to push the standard forward. Cannot wait to see what else you have in store after this! 


One question, have you considered adding a roughness map to the windows so they don’t look so clean? Pyreegue implemented this in their EGAA scenery and it looks really good when the sun hits the windows. 

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