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can't program autopilot increase or decrease dial on honeycomb throttle for Xplane 11 on macOS

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I can't find how to program the autopilot functions I got the buttons but both of the dials like the selector dial and increase decrease dial I can't figure out how to program. Can somebody please help me and let me know how to program them or what the name of the dials are.

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  • Aerosoft



This is actually the CockpitMaster subforum.
Please post any other product related questions in the  "Hardware Discussion & Tutorials" forum.

Do you use the Honeycomb Configurator or are you programming from within Xplane directly ?


Thank you.

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  • Aerosoft

In this case, you need to addres your question in the right forum, please.
This subforum is specific to CockpitMaster CDU.


For information, the Bravo throttle is like any other USB devices : A set of axes and buttons that must be assigned to functions, either from within

the simulator or with external utilities (Dedicated configurators, AAO, FSUIPC, SPAD.Next)


The assignments capabilities depend on the simulator, the aircraft/addon and the other conected devices (if any)

Here are a set of tutorial videos about the dedicated Honeycomb Configurator

All the Configurators are available from this page: 

Please also check this post regarding hardware in general : 


If you still have further questions, please open a topic in the "Hardware Discussion & Tutorials" forum.



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