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Aircraft Holding Point not listed in Follow Me

Bobby V

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Hello Heinz, I have another question hopefully you can help me with.  I use the SAM Follow Me a lot for departures and arrivals.  For some reason holding point E11 does not show up in the Follow Me drop down window (see attached).  I have my taxi routes and the E11 holding also attached.  I get no errors in WED so my taxi routes are good.  Holding Point E11 is listed exactly as the other holding points are listed in WED, but for some reason I can't get the E11 to list.  E11 is my holding point for runway 11 at KMSY.  Is there a file for this listing in Follow Me that I can edit to insert the E11 locations or can you tell me what is wrong in my taxi route?

aircraft taxi routes.jpg

E11 Holding Point.jpg

SAM follow me holding locations.jpg

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