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Is this the official site for support for the Honeycomb flight controls?

Colby Rumback

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

This area is not for support. As noted in the header for the section this area is in, "General talk on Aerosoft and Products. Please do NOT use this forum for any support questions, use the dedicated support sections for that." Please take a look around the forum structure and you'll see there are specific areas where you'll find support. For peer-to-peer help with controllers, it's here. For formal support for controllers, here. If the latter site is where you were asking before, please check that replies aren't in your spam folder.

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  • Aerosoft
12 hours ago, Colby Rumback said:

I have sent multiple messages to the support email address given on their site and its crickets. 

When reaching our support system as specified by Mathijs, please also refer to this post
so that we can give proper follow-up.

Thank you.

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  • Aerosoft
12 minutes ago, Colby Rumback said:

Thank you Aerosoft....I completed a support request....#4165

I look forward to your assistance...and thank you





Ticket 4165 received.

I will work on this tomorrow. 


Best regards.

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  • Administrator

We are aware that Snakebite has some delays in support. Of course we are not able to solve this, certainly not when it is about reclamations etc. But if you have any technical question, Cedric will be more then willing to assist.  I dare to say there is nobody who knows more about how to integrate hardware with sims then he does.


Please do so here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/245-hardware-and-os-discussions-suggestions-and-insights/


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