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Bridge software compatible with MSFS doesn't start up

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Good afternoon,
thanks for making the CDU compatible with the PMDG 737, however, the bridge software doesn't start up. excluded in every single way from all my anti-virus softwares, but it just won't start up.
Redownloaded it several times, but problem isn't solved with that, next to that i've tried to run it as administrator, but that doesn't help either.

Hope you guys can find the problem and resolve it.


Kind regards

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13 minutes ago, Wilson Cockpitmaster said:

Hi Aron:

do you have skype?if you have skype id please pm me, thank you.

 negative, i do not have Skype. but it seems that someone else is having the same issue, so i don't think it has something to do with my pc. Let's see what other users are experiencing.


thanks anyhow!

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On 5/27/2022 at 3:04 PM, CA97Aron said:

it's working now! fiddling around a bit with my AV settings did the trick. thanks for, once again, a great product to now enjoy with MSFS as well!



I'm waiting for someone to tell me that this CDU is actually working 100% with PMDG737 and FS2020. According to your message, now is working well, is that correct ?

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Recently using CockpitSimulator v0.10.2, the screen freezes shortly after entering the plane, there is no response, even during the flight, the CDU must be turned off and the CockpitSimulator v0.10.2 must also be turned off, and then restart the CDU and the software. It can be used again. After the WU10 update, it will even make the camera zoom in the cabin unusable. So far, I have returned to CockpitSimulator V0.10.1 to test, and no problems have occurred, so please CockpitMaster can investigate.

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