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VDGS for EDDB (Berlin)

Mathis Kra

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It'll come later this year. Currently noted/planned changes are:

  • Newly constructed Intercity-Hotel behind BER Terminal
  • Apron E extension
  • Passenger stairs on gates without jetways
  • Fix for Gate B14 duplicated/B15 missing (signage only)
  • Possibly some texture enhancements here and there
  • Check, if default streetlights at apron can be excluded now (doesn't work for all streetlights)
  • LODs for XBox compatibility
  • VDGS
  • "Virtual holding points" at main apron
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With an extra scenery file (simple-scenery method) I managed to exclude the street lights on the apron (and some other places) using the "add polygon" and "exclude street lights" method. I have attached the project file and output file to this message. Note: since this originates from my personal installation, the files also include other things such as parked AI aircraft (AIG), other fixes, exclusion boxes and library objects that will show up as "unknown" in the object list. These unknowns can be delete and the project recompiled. The output file needs to have a higher priority (below "limesim-ber") in the content.xml file list. The trick is to to place the exclude polygon in the correct location. Strangely, this can sometimes be far away from the actual light point one is trying to exclude(!). You will see what I mean when you open up the project file in developer mode.






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I've been noticing that, even with latest version, my night lighting is nonexistent, gate signage missing, my gate and apron ground markings are largely missing and my aircraft spawn points are too far away from the gate for the jetways to connect. The gates certainly don't look like what is in the YouTube videos of EDDB. I'm not sure if it's something else I have loaded conflicting with this, whether the Justflight version 1.05 on their site is corrupted, or whether you are aware of these issues and are including these in your next update. I do have Black Square Real taxiways (Europe) and Rex Real Global Airport Textures installed but must admit I haven't gone through a process of elimination to determine conflicts, but it is making coming to Brandenburg a lot less joyful than other airports.

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