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Preferred Routes - EDDK

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Hello all,


is there any easy way to find out preferred routes (arrival / departure) for a specific airport? As my primary HUB is EDDK, I tend to spend a lot of time finding appropriate routes in last 300 NM of my flight segment. I tend to copy / save proven routing, but if there is any specific tool within the PFPX that could help me out, I would like to know about it. :)


Thanks for all your help!


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Hello Andrej,


Using the route editor you can create 'sub-routes', essentially a route between two waypoints.


PFPX will then use these predefined legs when route finding.


Additionally they can be selected from the initial waypoint when constructing a route manually, just as selecting and airway.

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quick question. How to I designate "sub-route". I created few sub-routes, but I am not sure how to categorize them.



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