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Another IFR flight: DHC-6 Cargo YMEK - YMOG (Australia)

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Hi. After sim update 9 I had to remove the pms 530 mod.

Then I  fliled an IFR flight from Mekatharra to Mount Magnet, live weather.

Here's a report with the help of the screen shots of my personal flight monitor interface.

Initial estimates were 41 minutes enroute, and 77 minutes of flight time from block to blok to account for cockpit preparation and approach. 




Expecting an average fuel flow of 600 pounds, the fuel used in trip was estimated at 719 pounds, adding a 1 hour fuel reserve, required fuel on board was estimated at 1,319 punds.

Initial fuel on board 50% was more than enough, and also payload was let at Aerosoft default: 


After takeoff the simple flight plan was turn to join the 203 degrees radial out of MEK VOR for about 60 miles.  


After 44 minutes, ATC cleared me for visual approach to runway  34. Circling altitude 2338 feet.  Strong winds from the north east (FS).




After a stable descent from 8500ft to 3000 (minimum approach altitude) we turn on final on a heading of 336.





Time to descend with minimum throttle, max prop: 



Smooth turn to intercept visual runway, 



And final turn, flaps 10, maintain 80-85 knots: 



and finally land flaps 20. Difficult to keep both speed and descent rate in (!) 

Wrap up: 



Thank you





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