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Re: random liveries at airports


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I read this in the FAQ:  In Online AI mode, liveries are selected according to the live traffic data feed within the sim. If Simple Traffic does not yet include a livery for a given airline, then a random livery is selected. This behaviour is controlled internally by the sim engine.


It seems like the only issue is that Simple Traffic does not contain all liveries for all airlines, which sounds like there could be a solution eventually, no?  In the interim if you will, what if you used a logic like this:


If no livery available for airline X at airport Y, then ONLY utilize any other livery which is available currently of airlines that service at airport Y.  For example, if we're at EDDF, and there are 6 liveries available in Simple Traffic that live traffic and an airline arrives that none of the 6 liveries matches, use one of the 6 liveries, instead for example of using AeroMexico, or some random airline that does not service EDDF.  






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