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APU start issu CRJ700


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Hello everyone,
Without explanation, it is impossible today to start the APU despite following the procedures. 
The APU SOV never opens, so I can never start the APU. By looking on the forum, there was a topic of the same type opened but I did not find any help. 

I have uninstalled/reinstalled MFS2020 and the CRJ but no improvement. 

Version of the CRJ in



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Starting the APU requires two button pushes.

1. Power/Fuel button

2. Starts the APU.  


They are both right next to each other so hit the left button first then the next one.  You will open the SOV even though the button has no light on it .  Check the STS page (unless you changed it is on by default.)


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@thepilote78 how did you load the CRJ?

I remeber seeing this reported a few times but I don't think we've been able to reproduce it. IIRC it had to do with aircraft switching from developer menu or something like that or starting from a saved scenario or in a wrong state etc.

I never encountered this issue on my end!


Does this happen consistently on your end?

What startup state did you saved in the EFB?

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START IN COLD & DARK all the time;

I always choose the same plane, always the same livery. I only program a flight in FS2020 to have airport departure-arrival, then I do everything in the plane via the FMC 

I re-programmed my joystick, no improvement


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23 minutes ago, GEK_the_Reaper said:

Please make new profiles for ALL your controllers (do not assign any buttons).

Or, only for the sake of tests, physically unplug all the controllers, restart MSFS, and try to start the APU it with the mouse only. This would rule out any hardware issue.

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