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Some inputs (flight time) messed up

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Hello fellow pilots,

It seems as if someone has messed around with the log sheet, my flight time showed completely wrong numbers today and some other cells are even set to zero.
It might be a good idea if everyone checked their entries and made sure they are correct.

Always safe landings,


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Mine was too, somebody entered hours while I had not registered them at all but the used value was a lot lower as it probably should be based on the milage and average cruise-speeds I fly. Also, my spreadsheet line was much more to the bottom of the page as it is now. But to be sure after your post I checked the rest and the number of legs was also not correct anymore. Is it only available to members of the tour or can everybody changes things ?

This is also a clue somebody messed with it: All lines had the same color over the whole line in the past. 




Another big problem, the link at the end of the line was wrong too, it leaded to Jim's Epic Flight- Around the World in 80 Days












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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Thats indeed a problem. When we made the last Around The World Tour, there were zero problems with this excel sheet. But this time obviously there are some users around having no clue what they are doing. :(

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It might have helped if there had been a description for each column. I quickly discovered that some of my later entries changed the values in the entries toward the beginning of the line. So, I did not enter in each column, just put in my max miles and total time each time, along with starting and ending airports. I put my individual flight times/nm in the diary. But I was careful to only input on my line. I can see how easy it would be to accidently input to an adjacent line. Not the best system, but it served its purpose, I guess.

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