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Mega Airport Heathrow EGLL - Planes Not Showing

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Hi everyone.


I have FSX Steam Edition and Ultimate Traffic 2 as an add-on. I decided to buy the Mega Heathrow Pack as I regularly fly from there and love the scenery.


I bought and installed it for the first time this week and I'm having issue with planes not being visible.


Bizzarely, it's only the British Airways planes which aren't showing up in UT2 AI Traffic. The repaints are a mixture of FAIB/AI Aardvark etc. but I don't think that's relevant. No other livery is affected.


I followed an incoming AI plane and it was visible right up until it got within a couple of miles of the EGLL scenery, and then it disappeared. The plane itself is still there and lands, but all I can see is the lights on the wings and aircraft body, not the plane itself. It's not a solid black, it's not see-through, it's just not visible. All British Airways ground planes are the same. I don't understand why it's just that livery?


I have reduced the UT2 traffic and spawned planes to the bare minimum but still have the same issue.


I've uninstalled it for now and there is no problem with any planes or textures.


I'd love to get it working though because the scenery is great. Thanks guys.

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