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Oceanic speeds

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Good morning, I'm having an issue which I don't know whether it is related to Navigraph AIRAC or an internal configuration error in PFPX itself.

In most oceanic FIR/UIRs the planned speed is being given in knots (KZAK, KZWY, GOOO, GVSC, CZQX to name a few) instead of Mach as it should be. Some other areas are still correctly in Mach, like LPPO and EGGX.

From real world flight plans checked on EDI-GLA I can see that all the areas mentioned above as being incorrect are planned with Mach airspeeds IRL. Plus, I checked with a friend of mine who is a TAP pilot and flies often to the USA from Portugal and the other way round and he confirms that the speed in KZAK is planned in Mach.

Is there a way to correct it?

Thanks in advance.

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As a matter of fact, I was not using that update, I was not even aware of it! Only the monthly RAD and restrictions by "Sharky".

After updating those files, all is good now.

Thanks for your precious help, as usual!

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