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We need a radio master switch

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On 1/31/2022 at 1:24 PM, hotas said:

Indeed, engines are always started with radios off, to,prevent damage the radios.




According to the short checklist in the MSFS Aerosoft Twin Otter manual (version 1.01, page 132) both radio master switches should be off in the before starting checks. Radio master switches goes on in the after start checks (same page in the manual). However, these items are not mentioned in the short checklist in the sim...


I'd prefer the Twin Otter to be dark on power up to be honest. As of version 1.01 I can't turn off the Garmins and the ADF. They just flicker when I try. And the panel lights are on initially as well.


A little fun fact: The FSX/P3D Aerosoft Twin Otter is all dark when the battery switch is set to the on position. No lights, Garmins, transponder, ADF... I really like that




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Although there is no Avionics Master switch in the 3d cockpit you can still map a hardware button to AV Master on/off (or toggle) and the Twotter will start with radios and GPS off.
I found out by using the Bravo Throttle default mapping that has AV M on/off mapped to a rocker switch and couldn’t figure out why GPS and radios were dark.

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