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Sensitivity issue - Logitech Flight Yoke System

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Thank you for your answer.


I already played around with the settings and when I set down the sensitivity in the settings the sensitivity ingame, so if I fly is noticeable slower.


Thats not the issue I mean. It feels like there are pre-programmed zones on the axis with different sensitivities. When I move the Yoke to the full left or right it extremly increases the sensitvity at the end to achieve the full steering lock.


I tried to increase the sensitivity ingame and realised that it fixed this issue but then the sensitivity in general is way to high and unflyable.


The reactivity dont seems to fix this problem.


I also cant reset the sensitivity settings with the Button below. (Also an issue).


Is there any way to delete the control config in the installation directory ?  

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I made now a clip with three different sensitivity settings.



First 0%, then +50% and at the end -50%


At the end you clearly can see the weird sensitivity zones on the axis I already discribed.


I hope you can see how the yoke accelerates if iam on the way to turn full to the left or right.


I usually fly the FlybyWire A32NX and now I want to fly with the Salty 747.


The Issue is more noticeable in the small aircrafts like the cessna but also in the airliners.



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