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Cargo doors binding?

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5 minutes ago, testorius said:

Thank you. Key combination would also be ok, then I do it via VoiceAttack.

Hi Testorius,


There are apparently no cargo door functions in MSFS, however there are several variables
(L-Vars) pertaining to the doors operation.

Are you able to address L-Vars somehow ?

Best regards.

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  • Aerosoft
32 minutes ago, testorius said:



If I find time to test and this one is successful, I will report it. Thank you in advance.


Got it for you : 



Closing : 


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  • Aerosoft

You are welcome.
As you will see, the number you assign to the L-Var will modulate the door opening.
In other words, the opening angle of the door is proportionnal to the number assigned to the L-Var.

Have fun flights.

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Thanks to your help, everything worked fine. 🙂  Here is the result of your engegement (Speech only, without keys). One more question about the people in the cockpit. How do I get them invisible?




You can only hear the system sound now in window mode for the movie. It has disappeared in the in-game full screen.  🙂

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It seems the door_opening and door_closing need to be reset to 0.

Here is a RPN script for AAO for opening the cabin door. It should work for both pax and cargo versions.









The baggage compartments for and aft are somewhat simpler. Here is a script to open and close both.









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