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Issue with aerosoft one custom addon install location

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Hello - I use MSFS Addon Linker to manage my 3rd party addons, and I have Aerosoft One point to a custom folder on my SSD where all the addons live. 





However every time I restart Aerosoft one it no longer recognizes it's own installs and requests I re-install all of the products again. However it changes the folder name each time so there are duplicates. 






As you can see in my screenshots, the Rothera addon is installed twice, and also, Aerosoft one is not recognizing it's own install of the Twin Otter. You can see the twin otter is indeed installed in the Aerosoft One directoy, however in the below screenshot it's requesting to install it again. 




I think the issue is with the random folder names assigned during install, but not sure. How can I get Aerosoft one to recognize its own installation? thanks

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11 minutes ago, J. Zameit said:



Aerosoft One and MSFS Addon Linker do not work that well together.


However, Tom has posted a very detailled guide in how to make it work:




thanks, ill check out the guide

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