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Any news on bundling Antarctica ?

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It hasn't stopped me grabbing the twotter, I'm downloading that as I type this, but have you had time to think any more about this ? I'm hoping - because Aerosoft have a good reputation for this - that if you can do anything it'll be a bundle price for new twotter owners and a discount on Antactica for existing twotter owners, otherwise I'll pick it up next sale :)


Speaking of Aerosoft's good reputation, as I was buying the twotter I had the option to add a donation to something. The only information you give is "Guder-Donation, click here for more information" which didn't grab me but I clicked it anyway out of curiosity and good lord I had no idea ...  Aerosoft you deserve a round of applause for that, especially "The money will FULLY be forwarded ..." which is so unusual these days. So I added a donation :)  You really need a better hook for that on the checkout page, it is a good thing you are doing and "Guder-Donation, click here for more information" literally says nothing except "would you like to give us some extra money?" 

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Can I ask a random question? this thread is kind of related.


Are you working on Antarctica Vol 2? hopefully there were sufficient sales to warrant it.


Also maybe a Russian Arctic / Northern Greenland pack would be good.


I bought all of the arctic packs for X-Plane 11 and would be awesome to get the same areas in MSFS, as far as I am aware, nobody but Aerosoft has done it yet.

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