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[Fuel, Refuel/Defuel Control Panel] Incorrect refueling and S.O.V. indications in FUEL AUTO mode


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Incorrect state: In FUEL AUTO mode, all shutoff valves (S.O.V.) on the AS CRJ are displayed as OPEN, regardless of the fuel quantity required.  Furthermore, if the set fuel quantity exceeds the capacity of the wing tanks the centre tank is filled in parallel.


Correct state: In FUEL AUTO mode, the fuel control computer opens and closes the corresponding S.O.V. as required. The following logic is applied:


  1. The wing tanks are filled first
  2. After reaching the maximum capacity of the wing tanks (indicated by H.LEVEL sensor), the centre tank is filled.


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Somehow I have a feel that the developers don't care very much this problem and a few others, too. I don't really understand why they included panel like that because it's unfunctional. They compare this plane to real aircraft but this is far away. You are shown them (developers) many problems but they don't answere any - would say -> Aerosoft style...

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