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Any updates from Asobo about terrain radar?

Jonathan Johnson

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Just curious if you guys have heard anything new about the terrain radar being "open" for use?


Reason I ask is apparently the PMDG team have a working terrain radar (how good who knows...) in the 737ngxu, and I know terrain and weather radar are things you guys want added but can't due to sim limitations. So curious if you heard anything on it? Merry Christmas to everyone on here by the way!!

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Once again, I must re-iterate that it is futile to compare what one plane does and does not do to another.  First, different aircraft.  Second, different publisher.  Third, possibly different programming.  The PMDG products will have a working terrain and weather radar when they have it and the AS CRJ will have a working terrain and weather radar when they have it.  We have no clue what is going on and will go on behind the scenes between ASOBO and different publishers.  PMDG and Aerosoft are by definition different with different priorities.  The results of this are we have the CRJ now and are waiting on the 737 NGXU.  This is no different than going to the PMDG forum and saying "Just curious if you guys are going to release the 737? Reason I ask is that Aerosoft has released the CRJ."

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That's not really a good comparison at all. Why the butthurt over a simple question? It was announced that PMDG had a working terrain system, and it made me curious if this was finally something that could be implemented in the CRJ, or if this was just a PMDG only workaround.


This isn't a bash on Aerosoft at all. Quite frankly the CRJ, while with some minor issues, is the best one currently available, and a great representation. It's something I'll still fly even after larger airlines come to the sim. They managed to get this aircraft out early on where others still don't have release dates. And a lot of the issues aren't the fault at all of Aerosoft as they are working with what MS/Asobo gives them.


And sure, different programming is right, but where are they getting the terrain data from? That data would have to match what is in the sim itself. You wouldn't want to pull your own terrain data that could possibly be off what the sim shows. It at least now shows that there are methods to get terrain into the sim. Is it a deal breaker if the CRJ doesn't have it? No... in fact I'm more mad that Asobo can't see the benefit of opening up the weather system to allow for weather radar in aircraft then anything else.


But obviously Aerosoft are simmers at heart like us, and would be aware that PMDG claims a working terrain system.. so not at all a stupid question to ask if they themselves might finally have the ability as well to implement terrain data.

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Not released. But latest update this was mentioned:



This week we finished implementing the terrain awareness capability on the NAV display. I will try to remember to include that in our next round of cockpit visual updates so that you can see how nice it looks in MSFS. The good news is that the display logic for the terrain is the same display logic that gets used to apply a weather radar layer, so once the community convinces Asobo to give developers access to the weather layer, it will be a quick thing to tap into it in order to draw the radar returns as appropriate. We haven't heard much other than innuendo on this topic- but I am sure it will come around eventually.


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