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Lupepilot - FlightLog - Around the World in 80 days


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15th Leg: 

Aden (OYAA) - Mukalla (OYRN)


Used Aircraft: CRJ 700


After Take off on Rwy 26 I made a left turn to 060°; therefore I had a nice view to Aden City and Airport





Unfortunately I've activated the RAT (Ram air turbine) after take off. This turbine can't deactivated in the air therefore I had a ugly noise for 30 min. Lessons learned: Don't touch unknown switches during flight 😉



City of Mukalla (Jemen); the Airport is located less miles behind the City.





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16th Leg: 

Mukalla (OYRN) - Socotra (OYSQ)


Used Aircraft: Diamond DA 40 NG



Beautiful sunset om the right 



Clouds at the horizon: could be the Socotra Island (located in the Gulf of Aden) - this is the destination for today



Wind 044/16, Cleared to land Rwy 03



The next destinations will be Salala and Duqm in Oman. Three legs left to reach the next checkpoint (Bombay respectively Mumbay in India) in time next Tuesday.

But before I can relax in Mumbay I've to cross the Arabian Sea. 
This journey around the World is a great way to explore regions which I had never visited without this event.


Good night - see you tomorrow!

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17th Leg: 

Socotra (OYSQ) - Salala(h) (OOSA)


From Island back to the continent with the fabulous Cirrus SR22


Take off Rwy 03; Wind 026/4 



Over the sea I had headwind from 8 - 18 knots



The first stop in Oman is waiting for me



Landing in Salala (Google) or Salalah (MSFS) 😉 on Rwy 25; Temp. 26°C, Wind 179/17, QNH 30.0



Distance: 270 Nm

Flight time: 1h55


17 take offs and landings in 9 countries are behind me and I'm looking forward to explore the next ones on my journey.

Further 12 countries are still in front of me if I'm able to follow the plan.


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18th Leg: 

Salala(h) (OOSA) - Duqm (OODQ)


Used Aircraft: Cessna Citation Longitude 



Along of the coastline of Oman



Reaching of Duqm on thee left side. This will be the last stop in Oman.

2022-01-10 (4).jpeg


Oh, I guess the airport is closed. No lights… but I need to land. I trusted to official flight maps. Obviously there are need to update 🙂



Distance: 300 Nm

Flight time: 00:55


Tomorrow I will prepare the Boeing 787-10 for the trip to Mumbai across the Indian Ocean.


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19th and final leg on the 2nd stage of this journey around the World: 

Duqm (OODQ) - Bombay (Mumbai VABB)


Today I tried to start the Boeing 787-10 but there are some bugs in the avionik after the last update. Therefore I'm choosing another Big one, the B777-300 because it's a bit longer trip to Mumbai. The Airport of Duqm was obviously still closed. Therefore we lost no time to depart to India to avoid the detection by the authorities...
Good bye Desert states. It was very interesting to visit these region but now it's time to see trees again 🙂



In the middle of nowhere above the Arabian Sea.



Mumbai Downtown in 10000 ft


The visibility during the final should be misty. But we're using the ILS approach.

View trough the side window to the airport.



As expected...



Approach data:

VABB - KETOR2A approach for Rwy 27

Smog - as usual

ILS Landing on Rwy 27

Distance: 1143 Nm

Flight time: 2h30


And now: Preparing for the third stage routes.

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20th leg: 

Bombay (Mumbai VABB)- Khajuraho (VEKO)


The weather in Mumbai again a bit misty.

Take off on Rwy 27, right turn to NONEN




Strong wind from left back (103 kn) - felt in some turbulences



The night came very quickly




Landing on Rwy 19

Distance: 528 Nm

Flight Time: 1h20


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21th leg: 

Khajuraho (VEKO) - Gaya (VEGY)


Beechcraft Baron G58

VEKO: QNH 30.10, Wind 110/24, Take off Rwy 19



Today we fly to Gaya with a short turn over Allahabad. On the left side the river Ganges. From the right side opens the river Yamuna. This junction is a holy place for all Hindu.



City of Dehri; the Bridge over the Sone river - on this bridge the GTR (Grand Trunk Road) crosses the river.

The Grand Trunk Road is one of Asia's oldest and longest major roads (more than 2500 years old). I will follow this road the next days over Kalkutta until Cox's Bazar in Myanmar.



The Gaya airport is in front of me (propably...)



This aircraft with modern Avionik was a good decision. For me it's easier to navigate in such weather conditions. It makes lots of fun to meet challenges of the weather simulation in the MSFS.




VEGY: Wind 100/10, Temp. 19°C, QNH 30.06, Visibility 1

VOR Approach on Rwy 10

Distance: 529 km

Flight time: 1h45


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22th and final leg to achieve the 3th interim target of this journey on the tracks of Phileas Fogg in time: 

Gaya (VEGY) - Kolkata (Calcutta VECC)


Today's aircraft: Beechcraft King Air 350i


VEGY: QNH 29.97, Wind 050/7, Take off Rwy 10


Departure was without problems but on the way to Kolkata I needed to prepare for low visibility. Therefore I've changed the flight plan to IFR.



It looks like an heavy rain shower. Unfortunately no top view on the City Kolkata



I will take this runway and I guess that's the right one! 🙂



Cleared for ILS approach on Rwy 01R

Distance: 241

Flight time: 1h



Now I'm looking forward to the next legs; Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia - Beaches, Palms and always nice weather (hopefully)...


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23th leg:

Kolkata (Calcutta VECC) - Chittagong (VGEG)


First flight at this tour for the VMB Vertigo.



Do it again - the next approach in bad visual conditions (Chittagong in front of me)



...it will be easier from time to time...




QNH 30.00, Wind calm, Temp. 25°C

No VFR ;-/

Landing ILS Rwy 23


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24th leg:

Chittagong (VGEG) - Cox's Bazar (VGCB)


For this flight I'm using a STOL aircraft, the ZLIN Shock Ultra.

But not because it's necessary in case of short runways but just to using most as possible aircrafts in my Hangar.


QNH 29.97, Wind 331/17, Take off Rwy 05



The weather conditions were again a bit misty few minutes after take off but 15 minutes later the visibility was quite good.



Cruising altitude 300 ft. at the last 10 miles - also this plane makes a lot of fun 🙂



Nice and smooth landing on Rwy 17




QNH 29.97, Wind 162/12, Temp. feeling good :-), Landing on Rwy 17



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