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Miguez Flight Dairy

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Around noon on Jan 11th, I took off on a North American T6, from Bangalore to Sri Sathya Sai, (Puttaparthi ), to visit it again, because I have been there in 2004, doing a Embraer Legacy demo flight.

It is modernized, but the runway that was hand made by thousands of the religious leader Sai Baba, continues as good as always, have a look on the pics:

1 - Departing Bangalore on a T6

2 - T6 cockpit

3 = Gear up, after take off

4 - Cruising at 5.500 ft

5 - Cockpit at cruising level

6 - Arriving at Puttaparthi

7 - Puttaparthi

8 - Landing gear down

9 - Turning final

10 - Final

11 - Landing

12 - Rolling

13 - Puttaparthi 1

14 - Puttaparthi 2

15 - Puttaparthi 3

16 - Puttaparthi 4

T6 departing Bangalore.jpg

T6 departing Bangalore 3.jpg

T6 departing Bangalore 1.jpg

Cruising from BG to Sai.jpg

Cruising from BG to Sai 1.jpg

Puttapatry 1.jpg

Puttapatry 1.jpg

Puttapatry 2.jpg

LG Down at Puttapatry.jpg

Landing at Puttapatry 1.jpg

Landing at Puttapatry 2.jpg

Landing at Puttapatry 3.jpg

Landing at Puttapatry 4.jpg

Puttaparthi 1.jpg

Puttaparthi 2.jpg

Puttaparthi 3.jpg

Sri Sathya Sai.jpg

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In the afternoon of Jan 11th, I left Puttaparthi flying a Mustang P51, destination Goa, for centuries a portuguese enclave in India, visited by Vasco da Gama, the navigator that found the way to go from

Europe to India, by the South Atlantic and Indian oceans, in 1498. Pics:

1 - Taking off from Puttaparthi

2 - Climbing from Puttaparthi

3 - Close up

4 - Cruising

5 - Goa 1

6 - Goa 2

7 - Goa 3

8 - Downwind in Goa

9 - Landed at Goa

10 - Taxiing in Goa

11 - Goa 1

12 - Goa 2

13 - Goa 3

14 - Goa 4

LG up Puttapatry.jpg

Leaving Puttapatry.jpg

Leaving Puttapatry 1.jpg

Cruising to Goa.jpg

Over Goa 1.jpg

Over Goa 2.jpg

Over Goa.jpg

Downwind Goa.jpg

Landed at Goa.jpg

Taxing in Goa.jpg

Goa 1.jpg

Goa 2.jpg

Goa 3.jpg

Goa 4.jpg

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By the end of the afternoom on Jan 11th, I departed Goa flying a TBM900 to Mumbai, where I arrived after the sunset, to continue the around the world flight on the Panais de Brasil DC6.

Pics next:

1 - Taking off from Goa

2 - Departing Goa

3 - Initial climb from Goa

4 - Initial cruise

5 - Sunset 1

6 - Sunset 2

7 - Sunset 3

8- Sunset 4

9 - Descent to Mumbai

10 - Mumbai

11 - Final Rwy 09 at Mumbai

12 - Cockpit on final

13 - Landing lights flare

14 - Short final

15 - Landed at Mumbai

16 - Mumbai 1

17 - Mumbai 2

18 - Mumbai 3

19 - Mumbai 4

20 - Mumbai 5


Rdy TO from Goa .jpg

Depart Goa 2.jpg

Depart Goa 1.jpg

Depart Goa.jpg

Sunset 1.jpg

Sunset 2.jpg

Sunset 3.jpg

Sunset 4.jpg

Descen to Mumbai 1.jpg

Descen to Mumbai 2.jpg

Final Rwy09 Mumbai 1.jpg

Final Rwy09 Mumbai.jpg

Ldg Rwy09 Mumbai 2.jpg

Ldg Rwy09 Mumbai 1.jpg

Landed Rwy09 Mumbai.jpg

Gateway of India.jpg

Mumbai 1.jpg

Mumbai 2.jpg

Mumbai 3.jpg

Mumbai 4.jpg

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A little tip: once you selected your images for upload and they appear in the gallery, you can move them from the gallery to wherever you want them in the text. You can then also copy text before and after the images. This way you can put the caption right under the images and also get a little space between the images!

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Finally on Jan 14th I left Mumbai to proceed the around the world flight. Initally I went to Agra, near New Delhi, to visit the Taj Mahal. Agra is about 150 km south-east of New Delhi and, fortunatelly, it had a superb visibility,

so I could overfly the Taj Mahal and take good pictures of the building and gardens.

1 - Route from Mubai to Agra, using VORs only.

2- Preparing the aircraft in Mumbai for the flight to Agra

3 - Take off from Mumbai

4 - Passing over the Mumbai airport on route to Agra

5 - Climbing from Mumbai

6 - Cruising

7 - Approaching Ozar

8 - Approaching Agra airport

9 - Taj Mahal 1

10 - Taj Mahal 2

11 - Taj Mahal 3

12 - Taj Mahal 4

13 - Landing at Agra

14 - Final at Agra

15 - At ramp in Agra

16 - Routine maintenance at Agra

17 - Taj Mahal from the ground 1

18 - Taj Mahal from the ground 2

19 - Agra 1

20 - Agra 2

Route Mumbai Agra.jpg

Early morning in Mumbai.jpg

Climbing from Mumbai.jpg

TO from Mumbai.jpg



Approaching Ozar.jpg

Agra airport.jpg

Taj Mahal 1.jpg

Taj Mahal 2.jpg

Taj Mahal 3.jpg

Taj Mahal 4.jpg

Landing at Agra.jpg

Final at Agra.jpg

At Agra ramp.jpg

Agra routine maintenance.jpg

Taj Mahal 5.jpg

Taj Mahal 6.jpg

Taj Mahal 7.jpg


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From Jan 9th to Jan 13th I made a trip in India, with different types of aircraft from Mumbai, in the west to Kolkata, in the north-east, to New Delhi, in the north, to Hyderabad in the center, to Chennai, in the southeast,

to Bangalore, west of Chennai, to Puttaparthi, north of Bangalore, to Goa, in the east and finally back to Mumbai, to proceed on the DC6 flight around the world. See map.

Trips in India.jpg

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On Jan 15th I proceeded with the DC6 around the world trip, flying from Agra, not far from New Delhi to Kolkata, another mandatory route stop. The weather was good but plenty of clouds. The trip

was made at 15,000 ft, it took 2h48 for its 658 nm. Pics:

1 - SimBrief route using just the VORs

2 - Departing Agra

3 - Bye bye, Taj Mahal

4 - Climbing to FL150

5 - Still climbing

6 - Cockpit, cruising at FL150 1

7 - Cockpit, cruising at FL150 2

8 - Cockpit, cruising at FL150 2

9 - Cockpit, cruising at FL150 3

10 - Cruise flight at FL150 1

11 - Cruise flight at FL150 2

12 - Close up 1

13 - Close up 2

14 - Close up 3

15 - Close up 4

16 - Descending to Kolkata 1

17 - Descending to Kolkata 2

18 - Approaching Kolkata

19 - Approaching Kolkata, cockpit

20 - Kolkata

21 - VOR Rwy 19R procedure

22 - Landed at Kolkata

23 - At the gate in Kolkata

24 - Sightseeing Kolkata 1

25 - Sightseeing Kolkata 2

26 - Sightseeing Kolkata 3

27 - Sightseeing Kolkata 4

Route Agra Kolkata.jpg

Departing Agra.jpg

Bye Bye Taj Mahal.jpg

Climbing to FL150 1.jpg

Climbing to FL150.jpg

Cruising at 15,000 ft 1.jpg

Cruising at 15,000 ft 2.jpg

Cruising at 15,000 ft 3.jpg

Cruising at 15,000 ftjpg.jpg

Cruising at 15,000 ft 4.jpg

Close up 3.jpg

Close up 2.jpg

Close up 1.jpg

Close up 4.jpg

Descending to Kolkata 1.jpg

Descending to Kolkata.jpg

Appr Kolkata.jpg

Appr Kolkata 1.jpg

Kolkata 1.jpg

Kolkata VOR app Rwy 19R.jpg

Landed at Kolkata.jpg

At gate in Kolkata.jpg

Kolkata P1.jpg

Kolkata P2.jpg

Kolkata P3.jpg

Kolkata P4.jpg

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On Jan 18th, I left Kolkota to proceed on the next aim to achieve Hong Kong before Jan 31st. Initially I flew to Dhaka, Bangladesh capital, just 144 nm from Kolkata, a short 55 min flight.


1 - Leaving Kolkata

2 - Cruising to Dhaka

3 - Approaching Dhaka

4 - Dhaka

5 - Final at Dhaka

6 - Landed at Dhaka

7 - Dhaka apron

8 - Dhaka 1

9 - Dhaka 2

10 - Dhaka 3

11 - Dhaka 4

App Dhaka.jpg

Leaving Kolkata.jpg

Crising to Dhaka.jpg

Dhaka 1.jpg

Final in Dhaka.jpg

Landed in Dhaka.jpg

Dhaka apron.jpg

Dhaka p1.jpg

Dhaka p2.jpg

Dhaka p3.jpg

Dhaka p4.jpg

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On the same Jan 18th, around noon I proceed from Dhaka, Bangladesh to the new capital of Myanmar (previously Burma): Nay Pyi Taw, about 2 hours southeast of Dhaka.

I found turbulence over the mountains inside Myanmar, but very few clouds. Follw pics of this flight:

1 - Dhaka to Nay Pyi Taw SimBrief route

2 - Ready the leave a foggy Dhaka

3 - Departing Dhaka

4 - Leaving the Dhaka low visibility

5 - Cruising over rough terrain in Myanmar

6 - 60 nm to land

7 - Approaching Nay Pyi Taw

8 - Over Nay Pyi Taw

9 - Over Nay Pyi Taw 1

10 - On final

11 - On final Rwy 16

12 - Landed at Nay Pyi Taw

13 - At ramp at Nay Pyi Taw

14 - Nay Pyi Taw temple

15 - Nay Pyi Taw governament building

16 - Nay Pyi Taw governament building 2

17 - Ten lane avenue with no cars

Route Dhaka Nay Pyi Taw VGHS VYNT.jpg

Rdy to leave Dhaka.jpg

Depa Dhaka.jpg

Depa Dhaka 1.jpg

CRuising over Myanmar.jpg

60 nm to Naypyitaw.jpg

Approaching Naypyitaw.jpg

Over Naypyitaw.jpg

Over Naypyitaw 1.jpg

Final Rwy 16 Naypyitaw 1.jpg

Final Rwy 16 Naypyitawd.jpg

Landed at Naypyitaw.jpg

At Naypyitaw ramp.jpg

Nay Pyi Taw p1.jpg

Nay Pyi Taw p2.jpg

Nay Pyi Taw p3.jpg

Nay Pyi Taw p4.jpg

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Next day, Jan 19th, I left early morning  from Nay Pyi Taw to Yagon, previously Rangoon, the old capital of Burma, now Mianmar. The flight took me to the east first, to a town

named Loikaw, and the to the south to Bago and Hlegu, before Yagon. It was a one hour and twenty min flight, burning 3,500 lb of Avgas. Pics next:

1 - SimBrief route from Nay Pyi Taw to Yangon

2 - Preparing for depart at Nay Pyi Taw

1 - Taxing out at Nay Pyi Taw

3 - Taking off at Nay Pyi Taw

4 - Climbing to FL130

5 - Yangon

6 - Landed at Yangon

7 - At Yangon ramp

8 - Yangon 1

9 - Yangon 2

10 - Yangon 3

11 - Yangon 4

Taxing out.jpg

SimBrief route Nay Pyi Taw Yangon.jpg

Preparing at Nay Pyi Taw.jpg

Taking off.jpg

Climbing to FL130.jpg

Yangon '.jpg

Landed at Yangon.jpg

At the ramp in Yangon.jpg

Yangon p1.jpg

Yangon p2.jpg

Yangon p3.jpg

Yangon p4.jpg

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On the same Jan 19th I continued from Yangon to Surat Thani, in Thailand. Most of the flight was made over hot and hilly forests. 


1 - Route from Yangon to Surat Thani

2 - Climbing just after take off

3 - Over Dawei, in Myanmar

4 - 87 nm to Champhon, in Thailand

5 - Cruising in Thailand, after Champhon

6 - Approaching Surat Thani

7 - VOR descent to Surat Thani

8 -  Final at Surat Thani

9 - Short final at Surat Thani

10 - Landed at Surat Thani

11 - At ramp at Surat Thani

12 - Surat Thani 1

12 - Surat Thani 1

12 - Surat Thani 1

Route from Yagon VYYY to Surat Thani VTSB.jpg

Climbng from YAgon.jpg

Over Dawei, Myanmar.jpg

87 Nm to Chumphon, in Thailand.jpg

Cruising ove Thailand after Chumphon.jpg

Approaching Surat Thani.jpg

VOR descent for Rwy 04 at Surat Thani.jpg

Final at VTSB.jpg

Short final.jpg

Landed at VTSB.jpg

At ramp VTSB.jpg

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Jan 20th I flew from Surat Thani (VTSB), in Thailand to Kuala Lumpur (WMKK). In real life, I have been in Kuala Lumpur in 2004, flying an Embraer E170, on a demo tour to Air Malasia, that started for me in Brisbane, Australia, where we changed the whole 

demo team. From there we proceed making demo flights in Australia, then Indonesia, Singapore, Malasia and finally in India, where we changed the whole demo team again and went via comercial flights to our home in Brazil. So it was a pleasure be in Kuala Lumpur again,

after so many years. Pics:

1 - SimBrief Surat Thani - Kuala Lumpur route

2 - At Surat Thani ramp

3 - Taking off from Thailand

4 - Climbing from Surat Thani

5 - Still over Thailand

6 - Approaching Ipoh, Malaisia

7 - Ipoh, Malaisia

8 - Descending to Kuala Lumpur

9 - 78 nm to Kuala Lumpur

10 - ApproachingKuala Lumpur 1

11 - ApproachingKuala Lumpur 2

12 - Proceeding to Rwy 32R at KK

13 - Final Rwy 32R, cockpit

14 - Final Rwy 32R

15 - On the ground at Kuala Lumpur Sepang airport

16 - At KK ramp

17 - KK pic 1

18 - KK pic 2

19 - KK pic 3

20 - KK pic 4


SimBrief route Surat Thani Kuala Lumpur.jpg

At ramp in Surat Thani.jpg

Taking of from from Surat Thani.jpg

Leaving Thailand to Malasia.jpg


Appr Ipoh, Malasia.jpg

Ipoh, Malasia.jpg

App Kuala Lumpur 1.jpg

78 NM to KK.jpg

App Kuala Lumpur.jpg

App Kuala Lumpur 2.jpg

Proceeding to Rwy 32R ILS.jpg

Final Rwy 32R at WMKK 1.jpg

Final Rwy 32R at WMKK.jpg

On Grd at KK.jpg

At KK.jpg

KK p1.jpg

KK p2.jpg

KK p3.jpg

KK p4.jpg

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I decided to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, early morning in the Friday Jan 21st. The idea was to have much of the Saturday in Singapore to revisit this marvelous place.

So the takeoff was before 6 am under a dark and cloudy sky. Pics:

1 - SimBrief route from Kuala Lumpur Sepang enormous and beautiful airport.

2 - At KK ramp, being prepared

3 - Dark cockpit being lighted

4 - Ready to takeoff

5 - Taking off

7 - Initial climb

8 - Sunrise 1

9 - Sunrise 2

10 - Sunrise 3

11 - Sunrise 4

12 - Sunrise 5

13 - Sunrise 6

14 - Descent 1

15 - Descent 2

16 - Descent 3

17 - Descent 4

18 - Arriving at Singapore island

19 - Approaching for the runway 20C

20 - ILS procedure to runway 20C 1

21 - ILS procedure to runway 20C 2

22 - ILS procedure to runway 20C 3

23 - ILS procedure to runway 20C 4

24 - ILS procedure to runway 20C 5

25 - ILS procedure to runway 20C 6

27 - Touching down at Singapore

28 - Singapore 1

29 - Singapore 2

30 - Singapore 3

31 - Singapore 4



Route WMKK WSSS.jpg

At KK ramp.jpg

Before start at KK 5h42 am.jpg

Ready to TOff KK.jpg

T Off KK.jpg

Initial climb KK.jpg

Sunrise 1.jpg

Sunrise 2.jpg

Sunrise 3.jpg

Sunrise 4.jpg

Sunrise 5.jpg

Sunrise 6.jpg

DEscent 1.jpg

DEscent 2.jpg


DEscent 3.jpg

Arriv in Singa.jpg

App Rwy 20C.jpg

ILS Rwy20C 1.jpg

ILS Rwy20C 2.jpg

ILS Rwy20C 3.jpg

ILS Rwy20C 4.jpg

ILS Rwy20C 5.jpg

ILS Rwy20C 6.jpg

Landing WSSS.jpg

Singapore 1.jpg

Singapore 2.jpg

Singapore 3.jpg

Singapore 4.jpg

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Once arrived at SIngapore the DC6 had to be overhauled. I had flown almost 70 hours from S Jose dos Campos in Brazil to London to start the around the world flight, up to arriving in Singapore. So it will need some rest days

here at Changi airport while the maintenance people check its spark plugs, oil, fuel and hydraulic filters, neumatics pressures and eventual oil, fuel and hydraulic leaks. It also needs a through out cleaning. So after passing the

Saturday Jan 22nd strolling at this beautiful city, I started a tour of the region flying a Cessna CJ4 with Brazilian tail number PP-ZEZ, praising my Brazilian Long EZ, to Medan, Indonesia.

Less than an hour and a half flight. Medan in west Sumatra was the first indonesian city that I knew in real life. It was in the late seventies, during a Bandeirante (Embraer E110) flight from Brazil to Japan. I come to Medan flying from Bangalore

in India. On the previous leg: Karachi, Pakistan to Bangalore, I experienced the most inflight turbulence during my whole life. It was over Mumbai VOR that I overflew at 11,000 ft of altitude. The Bandeirante I was flying was a brand new cargo

version, equipped with a huge cargo door on the left rear fuselage, that had a smaller passenger door inside it. It also had a crew door on the forward fuselage, that hinged outwards on its lower side. This door was forward of the left propeller, but 

not too far from it. When we approched Mumbai VOR, the ATC inform us that there was a russian big Antonov, holding over this VOR at 12,000 ft, so about 300 m above us. But the ATC did not request that we made any deviation.

Suddenly we struck its downwash. The impact was enormous, our crew (two pilots and an engineer) were firmly attached with seat belts, but initially it seemed that we were loose, for everything else: nav bags, sun glasses, dust, gloves were flying 

everywhere. My navbag rested between my neck and the back of my seat. And also was a huge wind sound near by. Immediately, Irajá, the engineer, found the noise source: the front door had opened. Fortunatelly, it opened just two or three inches on its top, 

for it had a safety chain that did not allowed it to open thoroughly. Irajá could shut the door. It was a big scare! 

Today, the flight from Singapore to Medan was uneventful. The Cessna CJ4 is extremely well done. Its FMS is perfect. All its modes function exactly by the book, and the flight model is superb. Pics from the flight:

1 - SimBrief route from SIngapore to Medan

2 - At Singapore Changi ramp

3 - Taxiing to Rwy 02C

4 - Leaving Singapore

5 - Climbing

6 - Over Indonesia

7 - Still climbing

8 - Climbing through 21,000 ft

9 - Crusing at 43,000 ft

10 - Cruising

11 - Approaching Medan

12 - Intercepting the ILS

13 - 3.3 nm out

14 - Cockpit at 3.3 nm out

15 - Short final

16 - 230 ft at final

17 - Landed at Medan

18 - Medan 1

19 - Medan 2

20 - Medan 3

21 - Medan 4




SimBrief route Singapore Medan.jpg

Departing WSSS.jpg

Taxiing at Singa.jpg

Leaving Singa.jpg


Climbing over Indonesia.jpg


Climbing through 21000 ft.jpg

Cruising at FL430 1.jpg

Cruising at FL430 2.jpg

Arriving in Medan.jpg

App ILS Rwy 05 in Medan.jpg

ILS 3.3 nm out 1.jpg

ILS 3.3 nm out.jpg

Final 230 ft 1.jpg

Final 230 ft.jpg

Lanaded at Medan.jpg

Mean p1.jpg

Medan p2.jpg

Medan p3.jpg

Medan p4.jpg

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Still on Sunday Jan 23rd, I proceeded from Medan to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, now flying a dutch Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-8i. It was a two hours and fifteen minutes flight,

at 39,000 ft. Pics:

 1 - Simbrief route from Medan to Jakarta

2 - Being prepared at Medan

3 - Taxiing at Medan

4 - Climbing from Medan 1

5 - Climbing from Medan 2

6 - Climbing from Medan 3

7 - Climbing from Medan 4

8 - Climbing from Medan 5

9 - Cruising at FL390 1

10 - Cruising at FL390 2

11 - Cruising at FL390 3

12 - Cruising at FL390 4

13 - Cruising at FL390 5

14 - Descending to Jakarta 1

15 - Descending to Jakarta 2

16 - Approaching Jakarta 1

17 - Approaching Jakarta 2

18 - Approaching Jakarta 3

19 - Approaching Jakarta 4

20 - Intercepting the ILS

21 - Landed at Jakarta

22 - At cargo ramp in Jakarta

23 - Jakarta p1

24 - Jakarta p2

25 - Jakarta p3

26 - Jakarta p4

SimbBrief Medan Jakarta route.jpg

B747 being prepaed at Medan.jpg

Taxxing at Medan.jpg


Climbing 1.jpg

Climbing 2.jpg

Climbing 3.jpg

Climbing 5.jpg

Cruising at FL390 1.jpg

Cruising at FL390.jpg

Cruising at FL390 2.jpg

Cruising at FL390 3.jpg

Cruising at FL390 4.jpg

Descending to Jakarta 1.jpg

Descending to Jakarta 3.jpg

App Jakarta 1.jpg

App Jakarta 2.jpg

App Jakarta 3.jpg

App Jakarta 4.jpg

Intera ILS.jpg

Landed at Jakarta.jpg

At the cargo ramp in Jakarta.jpg

Jakarta p1.jpg

Jakarta p2.jpg

Jakarta p3.jpg

Jakarta p4.jpg

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Monday Jan 24th I left Jakarta around 8 am local to Bali, flying the same Boeing B748i Martinair Cargo plane. In less than two hours we arrived at beautiful Bali.


1 - Simbrief route from Jakarta to Bali

2 - Being prepared at Jakarta

3 - Push back at Jakarta

4 - Taking off from Jakarta

5 - departing Jakarta

6 - Initial climb

7 - Bye bye Jakarta

8 - Passing 12,000 ft

9 - Climbing with chart

10 - Passing 28,000 ft

11 - Cruising at 37,000 ft

12 - Cruising at 37,000 ft 1

13 - Over Cirebon

14 - Over Surubaya

15 - Approaching Bali 1

16 - Approaching Bali 2

17 - Approaching Bali 3

18 - Approaching Bali 4

19 - Approaching Bali 5

20 - Intercepting ILS at Bali

21 - ILS at Bali

22 - Final ILS at Bali

23 - Final ILS at Bali 1

24 - Short final at Bali

25 - Short final at Bali 1

26 - Landing at Bali

26 - Reverses on 

27 - At the gate at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Int´l Bali Airport

28- Bali p1

28- Bali p1

28- Bali p1

SimBrief route Jakarta Bali.jpg

Being prepared at Jakarta.jpg

Push back in Jakarta.jpg

TOff Jakarta.jpg

TOff Jakarta 2.jpg

TOff Jakarta 1.jpg

Clim over Jakarta.jpg

Clim FL120.jpg

Climb with charts.jpg

Clim FL280.jpg

Cruising at FL370.jpg

Cruising at FL370 1.jpg


Overflying Surubaya, Indonesia.jpg

Appr Bali 1.jpg

Appr Bali 2.jpg

Appr Bali 3.jpg

Appr Bali 4.jpg

Appr Bali 5.jpg

Interc ILS BALI.jpg

ILS Bali.jpg

Final ILS Bali.jpg

Final ILS Bali 1.jpg

Final ILS Bali 2.jpg

Short final.jpg

Ldg Bali.jpg

Reverses on.jpg

At the gate in Bali.jpg

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