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Mathijs Kok

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I can tell you (just as @jeffw can), that flying formation and in groups, in MSFS especially, is an absolute blast!

I recently painted a custom DC-6 livery for a simmer who was creating a charity flight for a children's cancer hospital in Poland, and told him I had also painted a custom, secret livery for his Twitch stream event (During the last Cross the Pond), and may join him along the way during his stream.

I joined him just outside Las Vegas, and we flew formation and had a great time chatting while we flew....It was so cool to find him...see him just as a dot for a while while I slowly intercepted him, then joined up on his wing. :)



He was in the white one, and had not seen the red one before I joined him. I just reversed the colors on the white one as you can see....he loved them both :)  And we wound up making over $3000 US for the charity ....in 20 years of painting for the community...this one meant the most to me (obviously). 


I'm offering to paint pilot's names on the side of their DC-6 for this RTW event if they are flying one of my paints...see here: ;) 


I'm snappedtiara694 in MSFS BTW, mostly on server USAEAST


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