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Gunter's Race around the world in the KLM DC6 PH-TGA


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vor 21 Stunden , Jeff W sagte:

Love Henrik's ship traffic in the third screenshot.

Indeed, Singapore is a busy place, no matter if you are on water, on a road or in the air!


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Leg 16: Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City, 2:48 hrs, 625 miles


Our very reliable airplane (ups, maybe I shouldn't have said that...) was waiting at the gate for the crew and passengers to arrive.



A lot of arriving and departing planes around us, this was the busiest place we visited so far. After some more time spend taxiing, we finally departed from runway 02L.


After a long stretch over the Gulf of Thailand we reached Vietnam. 



The scenery didn't change much and soon we reached Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon.



At the gate and again time to visit a foreign country and a interesting city.


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Leg 17: Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong, 3:22 hrs, 875 miles


We prepared the aircraft and taxied out to the runway. We were No 2 for take-off and soon on our way.



And another Metropolitan area was waiting as of toda's destination: Hong Kong.


The former British colony was returned to China in 1997 and is now one of China's "Special Regions" (the other one is nearby Macau). They have separate governing and economic systems from mainland China und ther principle of "one country, two systems". Hong Kong is one of the most densly populated areas of the world.

We landed safely and enjoyed the scenery and the many ships nearby.


After many legs without intensive maintenance, our aircraft will be checked thoroughly here in Hong Kong.


Short break, enjoying the sunset:




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Leg 18: Hong Kong to Shanghai, 2:39 hrs, 740 miles


The weather in HongKong was not in favor of sightseeing, so the only beautiful view we got was a rainbow on the ground and also during our departure.



The weather didn't get any better enroute.


So we were prepared for bad weather in Shanhai, and so it was:



We couldn't see anything of Shanghai, I sure hope we get better weather during our departure.

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Leg 19: Shanghai to Tokio, 3:28 hrs, 1085 miles


The weather was excellent and we could get a good view of Shanghai during our departure.



From one big city to the next! Tokio is a giant Metropolitan area!.



A long way to taxi to the gate.



It seems we were parked at the international aera of the airport:


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Leg 20: Tokio to Iturup, 3:22 hrs, 816 miles


At the gate in Tokio we were surrounded by airplanes from all over the world!





The weather was great and we departed Tokio enroute to Iturup.



We arrived late afternoon, the weather was ok but very windy with left quartering headwind of 25 knots. But we made a safe landing, the aircraft is parked for the night.


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Leg 21: Iturup to Jelisowo, 3:01 hrs, 627 miles


We departed early and left Iturup without any delay. 



The time of favorable wind was over, we had to face a strong crosswind and it took uns three hours to reach Jelisowo.


We flew over the empty spaces of Russia's Kamtchaka Peninsula.



Landing at Jelisowo was no challenge, we encountered 25 knots of headwind.



Parked for the night and another close inspection.


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Leg 22: Jelisowo to Adak, 4:26 hrs, 922 miles


We departed around 8 am local time, into the sunrise.





It was a very bumby ride, and the weather forecast for Adak showed a strong wind (32 knots) with the crosswind component just within the permitted range!




It was already dark, because of the overcast. Hopefully, the crosswind will be in limits for tomorrows take-off.




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Leg 23: Adak to Anchorage, 3:48 hrs, 1133 miles


This flight offered a lot of surprises. The first one was nice, as the forecasted winds turned into a nice 55 knots tailwind instead of headwind.

On departure, it was windy but otherwise nice weather.



A short time after take-off, over the Aleutians, as surprise number 2, the navigation equipment in the DC-6 quit.




Makes navigation a bit more interesting. But we reached Alaska ok.




Surprise number 3 was the unforcasted bad weather at Anchorage. The wind was too strong for an 17 ILS landing, so RNAV 33 to minimuns followed.




Taxiing in:




Parked, done for today.



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Excellent. You lose the navigation equipment on your aircraft and then discover an unexpected below-minimums cloud cover with winds too strong for a normal approach. You have to invent an RNAV approach without the proper equipment and then execute it through the darkness of thick clouds. ...

Ah, we pilots will come up with any story to justify turning off the automation and to enjoy hand-flying our aircraft to the ground. Great times!

BTW. Lovely photographs.

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And Mike caught me on my story....👍😂


Leg 24: Anchorage to Tacoma Narrows, 4:35 hrs, 1297 miles


With another long flight ahead, we departed around 8 AM. 

Ready to taxi:


Waiting at Number one:


Departure into the sunrise


Arriving Tacoma Narrows after a beautiful and uneventful flight.


Parked for the night. No idea why the fire truck came out…



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Leg 25: Tacoma Narrows to San Francisco, 2:44 hrs, 607 miles

The weather didn't change much since we left the aircraft on Friday.



We left for a short flight with a light aircraft.




The weather was overcast until we reached San Francisco.




We parked and are now looking forward for sightseeing San Francisco.



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Leg 26, San Francisco – Sioux City, 4:38 hrs. 1275 miles


After some wonderful and exciting days in San Francisco, the crew met at the aircraft on this foggy morning.


After the usual thorough inspection of our trusty DC-6, we departed for this long flight.


Crossing the Rocky Mountains eastbound.


Reaching Nebraska.


Parked at Sioux City, Iowa


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Leg 27, Sioux City Chicago Midway, 2:05 hrs. 419 miles


A very empty ramp greeted us for the departure from Sioux City to Chicago Midway.



During the flight we passed the mighty Mississippi River.



Approaching Chicago Midway, the city of Chicago in the background.



Southwest Airlines offered us a gate at their terminal.


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Leg 28,  Chicago Midway - New York, 3:26 hrs. 648 miles


We departed around 7:30 am from a busy airport.





After a flight with beautiful weather we arrived in New York City.



And parked for a quick turnaround, as we want to continue to Halifax!




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Leg 29, New York - Halifax, 2:14 hrs, 552 miles


We left New York City (KJFK) again after a short stop.





The flight was short, we had 50 knots tailwind. The wind remained strong, so the land was a challange. Luckily, Halifax offers enough runways to minimize the crosswind component.



Parked. We contine tomorrow to St. Johns.



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Leg 30, Halifax - St. Johns, 2:11 hrs, 496 miles


It was just short flight over eastern Canada. 

We departed early




Unenventful landing at St. Johns, despite about 40 knots headwind at ground level!



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Leg 31, St. Johns - Shannon, 6:16 hrs, 1872 miles


This was not only the last but one leg, it was also the one with the longest flight time and greatest distance.

But there was not much see other than the waves of the North Atlantic, or clouds...


We departed early in the morning. The windsock tells the story of the wind. But aloft it was on our side, at times we got more than 80 kts tailwind.



Finally, we got closer to Ireland.





It was still windy, but we made a good and safe landing back in Europe. Parked for the night. Only one more leg...




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