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Hugbald - flying around the world in 80 days and in many ways


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So I decided to enter the challenge flying around the world. My plan is to use as many different planes from my fleet as possible. 


And here is my setup for tomorrow:

  • PC: Intel Core i5-10600k, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GForce RTX 2060 Super
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • Flight Gears: Logitech Flight Yoke System
  • SIM: X-Plane 11.55, Vulkan enabled
  • Weather Engine: ActiveSky XP
  • Cloud Rendering + Water effects: xVision
  • Colors/Shaders: ShadeX
  • Scenery Enhancements: simHeaven X-Europe +all x-A* packages, Global Forests, SFD Global, Orbx True Earth for GB Sceneries, SAM Seasons Winter

Ready to go!




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Thats such a great idea to use loads of planes from the fleet... Sadly the airlines that are giving me the planes only have two to offer me,....so Ive had to come up with a B377 StratoCrusier all by myself... luckily I found one in an airplane graveyard that should work okay LOL :) 

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So here is my first leg for this stage. I am going to follow the route EGLC - LFPG - LIMJ - LIBR - LGKR - LGSR - LGKS - HEPS and last but not least a free landing in the port of Suez. :)

For the beginning I am taking my most reliable and favourite work horse Baron B58 going form London City Airport to Paris CDG.




Ready to take off.



...and approaching CDG


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Leg #3: Following Mr. Fogg's footprints my third leg goes to Brindisi. This time on a PA31T Cheyenne II. Quite a windy ride and some trouble with the autopilot ended in a hard landing. But still alive...



Straight start from LIMJ.



And safe harbour at LIBR.


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Day #6: A rough ride from Santorini to Karpathos in a Piper Turbo Arrow III. Halfway there I was caught in a thunderstorm which made it almost impossible to land. In fact it was more of a crash than a landing, but I got away with only slight injuries. Lucky me :)



Before the storm: Nice sunset over the Sea of Crete.


And then darkness came upon me and my little Arrow


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Leg #8: In order to get as close as possible to Suez, I took a RC3 Seabee from Port Said and had a short stopover in the port of Suez, until I continued to El Sharqi where  I will spend the turn of the year. What a great place to stay :)



Flying into Suez



And an unapproved water landing at the port



So this completes the first stage of the journey from my side. See you all  next year.


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Happy New Year! The second stage is on. My first leg is from El Sharqi Airport to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. For this short trip I took a Lancair Legacy LG.



On my way on a cloudy day...



And safely arrived at HESH.


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Second leg: HESH to OYAA. This time I took a longer distance at once as there may be less time to fly in the next few days for me. I took a Dassault Falcon FA50EX for this trip. Apparently  was unable to set the flight plan right, so I had to do some manual corrections along the route. But at last I arrived safely at Aden International Airport.



Take off from Sharm El Sheikh



And the final approach at Aden International


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So here is my next leg: OYAA - Aden to OPOR - Ormara. The bird of choice today was a Eclipse 550. Originally  I planned to take a rest at Muscat, but somehow I missed the TOD (probably while having a nap in the passenger cabin :) ). So I moved on as far as the fuel would take me. This was Ormara in the end.


 Ready for departure at Aden International


And approaching OPOR in total darkness. The night came quickly...


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Due to my unplanned stopover at Ormara I had no replacement plane available so I moved on in the same Eclipse that brought me here. After a calm trip under easy weather conditions I finally arrived at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.


Starting approach on VABB...


Looking for a good place to park after touchdown.



And this completes stage two: Suez to Mumbai.


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Due to some timely contraints I had to hurry up a bit this time. So I completed the two legs of the next stage within one day.

Leg one: Mumbai (VABB) to Allahabad (VEAB also known as VIAL) in order to exactly follow Phileas Fogg's route as closely as possible. It was time to take my cool Evektor Outback EV55 for this flight.


Departure from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport


Nice sightseeing inlcuded. Thanks to fair weather during the whole trip :)



At Allahabad I changed the plane and took a Piper PA46-500TP Meridian for the rest of the stage to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport at Kolkata.


Going straight to the sky from VEAB


And safely arrived at VECC.



And this completes the third stage of my journey.


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So the next stage is on. The plan was to go from Kolkata to Bankok in a PA34 Seneca V. Unfortunately I used far more fuel than expected so I had to take a break at Dawei in Myanmar. It was literally a "break" though, as all fuel was depleted some 10 nm from Dawei Airport and I had to take an emergency landing. In fact it was more emergency than landing. Lucky me I could get an elephant ride to Dawei where I was able to talk some farmer into lending me his Embrear 200 Ipanema in exchange for taking some of his "rice" bags to Bankok. I better not asked and took the chance, so I safely arrived at Bankok Suvarnabhumi Airport after all this trouble. I hope they have beer here :)   


Full of confidence and ready for departure at VECC


On my way still not anticipating what was going to happen later...


So after changing horses going from VYDW to VTBS


Giving all it had to give on departure...


And a smoggy approach at Bankok...


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Next leg in this stage: Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. This time I took a Beechcraft King Air C90B which carried me safely through calm and peaceful flight.


Off from Bangkok under nice weather conditions


And approaching Kuala Lumpur after 3 peaceful hours of flight


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After some days of recreation at Kuala Lumpur I was taking my G1000 equipped C 172SP to move on to Singapore. It was quite a difficult start as I was trapped in a thunderstorm for the first few miles, but after this this was an easy flight to WSSS.


Eager to take off from WMKK...


And safely landed at WSSS in the last light of the day.


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