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Phoenix - Around the World in three months


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Wonderful that this circum navigation event takes place for a second time atter more than four years.


My prepartions are not completed yet. Planned details so far:
1. Simulator
             will be XP11

2. Aircraft:

             Airbus A321LR (equpped with CFM Leap Engines and three ACTs) from ToLiss. I hope to cross the Atlantic Ocean without additional hops and crossing the Pacific Ocean with only one hop in Honolulu or Anchorage.

             (A321XLR is under construction IRL eventually ready for first flight in early 2022)
             Payload will be like an ACJ even the model isn't one. (The Ini A310-300ACJ would be wonderful but I am not "type rated" yet on this type).

3. Schedule:
               a. London        (EGLL)
               b. Cairo        (HECA)
               c. Mumbai        (VABB)
               d. Kolkata        (VECC)
               e. Hong Kong        (VHHH)
               f. Tokyo        (RJTT)
              g. San Francisco    (KSFO)
              h. New York        (KJFK)


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The event invitation has reached me while I was on tour through Africa.
Last position was Entebbe (HUEN). I wanted to fly around Lake Victoria and next planned step was Kilimanjaro (HTKJ).

Unfortunetely weather was not as good as wanted.

So I finally decided to interrupt my tour and to participate in the World Tour.


Now I am organizing the needed supplies (food, liquids, masks etc.) to be as self-sustaining as possible during this tour.

Besides I try to build a fantastic tour team assisting me. (One or two pilots needed e.g. )


Recenty I reached Dubai (OMDB) using a chartered 747-8 to accomplish both goals.

Hopefully I can fly towards London (via Frankfurt) soon.



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Yesterday I watched the first two episodes of a new tv series about Fogg's journey around the word (s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Around_the_World_in_80_Days_(2021_TV_series))

Here it's a total different image Phileas Fogg  is characterized in comparison to other films.

Here he is not a strong hero without any doubts reaching his goal of travelling round the world in 80 days.
Instead he has strong doubts that he can achieve his goal.

It's similar to the way I feel this time.
It's seems to me quite harder than the first time four years ago.

So this Phileas Fogg seems is like a mirror.


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Landed in Frankfurt (EDDF) from Dubai (OMDB) this evening with nearly max payload of supply on board of my A321 as starter kit .

And underway replenishment has been organized as well.
(Good to have an autosave in this addon since a TDR error has ocurred. )


Tomorrow I want to fly to my starting point in Heathrow, from where I start the tour on December 24th .


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Due to a busy day yesterday the transfer of this crew was delayed.

But today the crew has arrived at London-Stansted (EGSS). Actually the strict covid restrictions in the UK have to be passed.

Despite the delay of two days the crew is confident to reach Suez in time and to come as close as possible to the original route.

That means that the next destination - hopefulley tommorow - is Paris. And aftertwards the crew will travel to Torino and Brindisi.

It is verly likely that HEPS - in acction to HECA - will be on the list of destinations within this first leg.


Finally I wish everyone of this event a merry christmas.

And last ot least a big thank you to the organizers at Aerosoft (Mr. Kok and his team) .

Duriing this pandemic it's a good idea being able to partticapte in a greater community which wouldn't not possible in real life.




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Today was the start departing from EGSS (London-Stansted) to LFPG (Paris Charles de Gaulle).
Watching the weather report for this flight destination the question came up, why not fly directly to the final destination, where the weather woudd be better.

Finally we did the flight as planned starting in EGSS and ending n LFPG.


The selection of EGSS as starting point resulted in a longer flight to Paris leading around London with the city on the left hand side. So there was time enough to climb to a cruise level of 35.000ft.

But the approach preparation had to start before reaching TOC.

It turned out that this flight could have been better prepared because there has benn always existed the uncertainty about the approach direction. Planned for an arrival on 09L the approach had to be changed to 27R.


The take off on Rwy 04 was a little bit troublesome because of the wind from eastern direction.

Landing in LPFG had to be done with low visibilty (Range a little bit more than 1 nm).

Luckily the runway was visible above Decision Height so a Go Around wasn't necessary. And most important landing was safe without breaking the aircraft.

Facing such landing conditions I feel happy not being a professional pilot.


More facts about this flight will be added later..


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Flight Data:


  Name Code Runways Wind Temp Altimeter
Departure Airport London-Stansted EGSS 04 90° / 14 kn 5° C 1006
Arrival Airport Paris Charles de Gaulle LFPG 27R 0° / 03 kn 10° C 1004
Date 2021-12-25          
Block Time 10:41 – 12:18          
Flight Time 10:55 – 11:56          
TOW 79,0 t          
LDW 76,4 t          




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Very tired the Phoenix crew leader woke up after one more night without recreating sleep.

During breakfast spent in a comfortable hotel together with his crew members they discussed the plans of the day.
The schedule flight plan to fly to LIMF today was confirmed. Watching the weather report they knew that they would be rewareded with sunshine at the flight destination

while in Paris another foggy day had begun.

On the take off runway the PF felt very uncomrtable about the poor sight conditions and hoped that they could leave this airport safely.


The decent led them over the mountains of the Alps west of Torino. And the tops  of some of them seemed to be as high as their acraft was.

Arriving at Caselle Airport in Torino the sun could be seen through a hazy sky.

After a short flight they headed towards another hotel in Torino to relax. The pilot flying was very glad since his landing performance was hampered due to his tiredness.

He flared a litte bit too early. But in the end the landing had be safe and the aircraft was ok so far.

Relaxing today was much better than to continue flying in the afternoon.


Flight Data:

  Name Code Runways Wind Temp Altimeter  
Departure Airport Paris Charles de Gaulle LFPG 08L 160° / 05 9° C 1003  
Arrival Airport Torino – Caselle LIMF 36 220° / 04 4° C 1007  
F/P Distance 389 nm            
Date 2021-12-26            
Block Time 09:16 – 10:39            
Flight Time 09:33 – 10:30            
Route BAXIR A6 DJL B37 PAS G32 ROCCA T345 LURAG M135 VEROB            
TOW 78,6 t            
LDW 75,9 t






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Two screenshots referring to the flight from LFPG to LIMF:


Descending over the impressing western Alps towards Torino

a321 - 2021-12-26 14.05.27.png



Still looking good on final approach (screenshot taken from a flight replay where displays are inactive) :

a321 - 2021-12-26 14.20.39.png




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Inzwischen ist es morgens fast schon ein gewohntes Ritual.
Es finden Diskussionen zu den üblichen Themen statt:
- wie sieht es beim Wetter aus ?
- was soll die nächste Destination sein ?
- wann soll der nächste Flug stattfinden.
- welche Covid-Regeln sind zu beachten.

Beim Wetter scheint es so zu sein, als ob uns das schlechte Wetter verfolgen würde.
Während wir am Tag zuvor bei Sonnenschein am diesigen Himmel landeten, war auch hier in
Turin eine dichte Wolkendecke über uns gekommen, wie wir es bereits von London und Paris
her kannten.
Die Aussicht auf wärmeres Wetter und ein bißchen Sonnenschein in Brindisi bewogen uns,
möglichst rasch dorthin auf zu brechen.

Die Covid-Regeln waren bei der Ankunft in Turin kein großes Hindernis, da wir
einerseits mindestens zweimal geimpft sind und andererseits negative PCR-Testergebnisse
bei den Tests in London vorweisen konnten.

Dafür hat das Thema Versorgung uns ein bißchen Kopf zerbrechen bereitet.
Da ein Teil unserer Vorräte, die wir nicht kurzfristig benötigten, im Cargo-Deck
gelagert sind, ist die Entnahme von Waren nicht so einfach wie wenn man zu Hause
einfach in den Keller geht. Denn leider gibt es in unserem Flugzeug keine Treppe
oder Fahrstuhl hinab in den Cargo-Bereich.
Wir würden daher in irgendeiner Form Cargo-Services benötigen.
Darüber hinaus haben wir den Verbrauchsplan aktualisiert.
Derzeit gehen wir davon aus, dass für die Getränke Nachlieferungen erforderlich sein
würden. Vermutlich können wir diese Nachlieferungen
bei unseren Stopps in Singapur sowie Honololu einplanen.
Bezüglich des Cargo-Managements beautragte ich unser weiteres männliches Crew-Mitglied
eine Lösung zu erarbeiten. Für heute sollte es uns nicht von der herbei gesehnten
Weiterreise in den Süden nicht länger abhalten.
Verschiedene Vorschläge zur Problemlösung wurden schon gemacht.


Den nächsten freien Slot zum Abflug aus Turin wollten wir dann endlich auch nutzen.
Während unseres Fluges auf Reiseflughöhe konnte dann jeder einen Snack an Bord
zu sich nehmen. Als ich ich in das Cockpit zurückkehrte, war der TOD-Marker im ND (Navigation Display) auch
schon zu erkennen.
Es war somit Zeit, den Landeanflug vorzubereiten.
Die Zeit vergeht ja wie im Fluge. Und auch Weihnachten ist schon vorüber.
Anstelle von Geschenken für die Bord-Mannschaft gab es immerhin zweimal ein schönes
Bis dahin war es ein ruhiger Flug gewesen, obwohl es für die Region um Brindisi herum
ein SIGMET mit Warnung vor Turbulenzen gab. Und kaum hatten wir den Descent eingelautet,
waren wir auch schon mitten drin.

Die etwas unbequeme Landung war aber kein Thema, weil wir bereits den Blick auf
das Ende der ersten Etappe zu richten haben.



In the meantime, it's almost a familiar ritual in the morning.
Discussions will take place on the usual topics:
- what about the weather?
- what should the next destination be?
- when should the next flight take place.
- which Covid rules have to be observed.

When it comes to the weather, it seems as if the bad weather is following us.
At arrival yesterday we had sunshine, this morning we had a thick blanket of clouds
here, as we did in London and Paris.
The prospect of warmer weather and a little sunshine in Brindisi made us
to set off there as quickly as possible.

The Covid rules weren't a huge obstacle when we arrived in Turin.
On one hand we are vaccinated at least twice and on the other hand
each of us was negatively test in PCR tests in London.

But the issue of supply has given us a bit of a headache.
Because some of our supplies that we didn't need at short notice are stored in the cargo deck
are. The removal of goods from there is not as easy as when you are at home
just go to the basement. Because unfortunately there are no stairs on our plane
or take the elevator down to the cargo area.
We would therefore need cargo services of some kind.
We have also updated the consumption plan.
We are currently assuming that subsequent deliveries of drinks will be required.
We can presumably make these subsequent deliveries at our planned stops
in Singapore and Honololu.
With regard to cargo management, I asked our other male crew member
to work out a solution. For today it should not longer hold us back
to continue our journey to the south.
Various suggestions for solving the problem have already been made.

Therfore we finally wanted to use the next free slot to take off from Torino.
During our flight at cruising altitude everyone could have a snack on board
to take in. When I returned to the flight deck, the TOD marker in the ND (Navigation Display) was
already displayed. The remaining distance to TOD was about 120 nm.
It was time to prepare for the landing approach.
Time flies by. And Christmas is already over.
Instead of presents for the crew on board, there were at least two nice presents
Up until then it had been a smooth flight, even though there was a SIGMET of turbulence given
for the Brindisi region. But soon after beginning the descent,
we were already in the middle of it.

The somewhat uncomfortable landing was not an issue because we were discussing about the last parts
of the first stage.


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Flight Data to flight from LIMF to LIBR :


  Name Code Runways Wind Temp Altimeter
Departure Airport Torino – Caselle LIMF 36 150° / 04 kn 3° C 1009
Arrival Airport Brindisi – Casale LIBR 31 350° / 04 kn 15° C 1010
F/P Distance 550 nm          
Date 2021-12-27          
Block Time 11:13 – 12:52          
Flight Time 11:20 – 12:40          
Route GEN M859 KALIK Q920 PES M872 URIPI M872 DIVKU P92 FASAN          
TOW 77,1 t          
LDW 73,8 t          



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Today was spent to relax.

Additionaly the weights of carried supplies and ther distribution in the aircraft has been refined and updated. The cause for this action was different load informations respectively their meaning referring to different storages (forward cargo, aft cargo).

It is planned to fly to Cairo (HECA) tomorrow morning.

It seemed that their isn't any slot available in Port Said (HEPS). This airport is a small airport with only for parking positions for fixed aircraft on its apron.

The airport manager seemed to be stressed when contacted by phone to ask him about slot availability.

He was confused that since a few days this airport has been over crowded. "It's like an foreign invasion", he cried on the other side of the phone line and then the connection was interrupted immediately.





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After reaching the first fixed destination it's time to complete the diary of project Phoenix
in a few words.


At first glance it seemed that to relax in Brindisi on last tuesday was a wasted day.
But it was helpful concentrate to the real goals and to put aside all ideas of possible
and interesting destination on our way towards Sues.

And other things could be learned on this day. For example that it seemed that there was
no way to reach Sues by ferry ship from Brindisi. Things seemed to have changed a lot sind
the days of Phileas Fogg.
I could also learn that Brindisi hosts an UN logistics base.
It it used for the World Food Programme e.g.
There was a first contact while trying to manage our supply.


In the morning of the next day the crew started to their flight to Cairo as our final destination
of the first leg.
Unfortunetely there were many clouds when we passed Athens to our left side and Crete another half
an hour later on our right side.
But on the approach to Cairo International we could see the pyramids of Gizeh, the only existing
world wonder afaik.
Facing conditions like before the covid pandemic all the ancient Egyptian
culture would have been visited in the remaining days. But not this time.


Since we left Brindisi with an additional payload of five tons our first leg wasn't finished yet.
We had to deliver this payload and Beirut was chosen as the delivery destination.
Every crew member was happy that there will be another destination to see and none of them
hesitated to participate in our flight to Beirut on the next day.
None of us had been there before.
Since OLBA's runways and aprons aren't flat this airport is more challenging than other airports.


We couldn't travel back on the same day, but on 31st of December we wanted to return to Cairo.
This time it was planned to stop in Port Said for some hours.
Without ILS at HEPS it was challenging to land there using an A321 and with my
modest flight capabilities.
Luckily we landed safely and the plane was not broken.

This  last flight backto  Cairo didn't last less than half an hour.

Finally the flight schedule was busy in the last days.


And now I wish a happy new year to every participant and his or her family.


Flight Data and screenshots will follow.





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Flight data for flight from LIBR to HECA :


  Name Code Runways Wind Temp Altimeter
Departure Airport Brindisi – Casale LIBR 31 240° / 07 kn 11° C 1007
Arrival Airport Cairo HECA 23C 240° / 10 kn 15° C 1018
F/P Distance 934 nm          
Date 2021-12-29          
Block Time 08:03 – 10:42          
Flight Time 08:16 – 10:32          
Route TIGRA L995 KRK/N0461F350 UA14 ARA UL612 SIT UL607 PAXIS/N0472F270 A727 CVO          
TOW 81,6 t          
LDW 75,7 t          






Flight data for flight from HECA to OLBA


  Name Code Runways Wind Temp Altimeter
Departure Airport Cairo HECA 23C 200° / 15 kn 17° C 1013
Arrival Airport Beirut OLBA 03 0° / 02 kn 17° C 1016
F/P Distance 384 nm          
Date 2021-12-30          
Block Time 09:34 – 10:56          
Flight Time 09:48 – 10:48          
Route CVO V602 PSD J863 LAKTO/N0467F300 N71 VELOX N159 ELIKA          
TOW 78,5 t          
LDW 75,7 t




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Screenshtos for flight from LIBR to HECA :




Somewhere over Greese




Passing Crete.




Flying over Cairo with the pyramids of Gizeh visible under the wing.




A left turn over HECA (Cairo International)



Screenshtos for flight from HECA to OLBA :



Turning to north direction near the Suez Channel, visible above



Flying over Port Said




Approaching Lebanon coast in front .



Rollout just after landing in OLBA (Beirut)





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Flight data for Flight from OLBA (Beirut) to HEPS (Port Said):


  Name Code Runways Wind Temp Altimeter
Departure Airport Beirut OLBA 21 0° / 01 kn 20° C 1016
Arrival Airport Port Said HEPS 10 200° / 10 kn 17° C 1012
F/P Distance 285 nm          
Date 2021-12-31          
Block Time 11:24 – 12:36          
Flight Time 11:36 – 12:29          
Route ELIKA N159 VELOX/N0478F250 N71 LEDRA/N0384F150 N71 LAKTO J863 PSD          
TOW 73,4 t          
LDW 70,8 t          





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vor 13 Minuten, hedaew sagte:

Flight data for Flight from HEPS (Port Said) back to HECA (Cairo) :

  Name Code Runways Wind Temp Altimeter
Departure Airport Port Said HEPS 28 200° / 10 kn 17° C 1012
Arrival Airport Cairo HECA 23C 200° / 09 kn 15° C 1010
F/P Distance 107 nm          
Date 2021-12-31          
Block Time 14:05 – 14:43          
Flight Time 14:10 – 14:35          
Route PSD V602 LONIR/N0401F180          
TOW 70,7 t          
LDW 69,4 t          




vor 13 Minuten, hedaew sagte:






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Summarizing the first leg  following the routes of this leg:



Flight from EGSS to LFPG on 2021-12-25



Flight from LFPG to LIMF on 2021-12-26



Flight from LIMF to LIBR on 2021-12-27



Flight from LIBR to HECA on 2021-12-29



Flight from HECA to OLBA on 2021-12-30



Flight from OLBA to HEPS on 2021-12-31



Flight from HEPS to HECA on 2021-12-31



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Added flight data and screenshots for flight from LIBR to HECA above (https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/169020-phoenix-around-the-world-in-three-months/&do=findComment&comment=1069478



The first day of the year started not so good because of health problems which have been occuring from time to time since the mid of 2020.

So there was no flight scheduled on this day.
This day was used to watch some music events on TV. e.g. the concert of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra performing music composed by Johann Strauss (and others)

or the  opera "The Magic Flute" composed by W.A. Mozart, performed during the "Bregenzer Festspielen 2013" (Bregenz, Lake Constance).


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During light leg 2 this crew plans to follow the route of Phileas Fogg closely but
with two intermediate destinations included to the planned routes from Suez to Mumbai:
Jeddah (OEJN) and Muscat (OOMS).
Those two destinations are on the wish list of the crew members.
Since both destinations had been on the list of his now interrupted extended world tour too,
it's easy to agree to the crew's wish in this case.

Aden (OYAA) will be another intermediate stop.

The planned sequence of stops is : OEJN - OYAA - OOMS.
So in this phase it's like doing both tours in parallel until reaching Singapore.

In the morning of Jan 2nd we checked that all was okay: The crew felt comfortable, plane was ready and last not least
the pilot was okay as well, so the first flight of the second leg leading to Jeddah could start on schedule.
Starting in Cairo there was very low visibility, getting better as we passed the south of Sinai.
At cruise level there was a strong jetstream from western direction (more than 120 kn) and it was really funny
that the plane' nose pointed in a different direction other than the flight path.
The deviation was about 15 degrees at max.

While flying the STAR MUVO1M the approach was very long and felt like eternal but we had a chance to watch
our destination airport looking through the side windows.

Moving to the parking position we recognized a high buildung in near distance to the airport in north west direction.
Later we learned that this building will be the highest building on earth with a designed height more than 3.300 ft
and named as the Jeddah Tower.
At the moment (since January 2018) it's construction is on hold (in virtual scenery it looked finished.) not only due to covid pandemic.
(Actual height is 256 m, far from being finished.)
And the surrounding of the Jeddah Tower is still quite empty.
The tower should be the center of the planned Jeddah Economic Center.  

Furthermore OEJN is the home base and headquarter of Saudia (former Sudi Arabian Airlines), which is the flag carrier
of Saudi Arabia.

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