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Dec. 19, 2021.  1538 GMT.  I am currently stuck in the fog at KEDU, University of California, Davis.  I once worked here and flew Cessna 152s.  Back then it was 0o5, and the runways have changed from 16-34 to 17-35.  I am beginning a flight plan to navigate the world, but presently still trying to navigate this site.  I think I'll have to take a commercial flight to London as I doubt a 152 will get me there in time.  I believe I will depart London in a Hawker 850, as it has pretty good range and I think I can fly direct to Port Said, but I will verify prior to departure.  My longest sim flights to date have been from California to Maine, and California to Honolulu, so I'm looking forward to this new adventure.


Dec. 21, 2021.  Happy Solstice.  Tomorrow will be 1 second longer here at EDU.


Intended Round The World route: EGLC London City, HEPS Port Said, OKBK Kuwait, VABB Mumbai (Bombay), VECC Kolkata (Calcutta), VHHH Hong Kong, RJTT Tokyo (Yokohama), PHNL Honolulu, KSFO San Francisco, KSLC Salt Lake City, KJFK New York, CYYT St. Johns, EIDW Dublin, EGLC London City.

Hawker 850 XP.jpg

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Regarding Around The World in Eighty Days, I saw the movie in 1956 and have started reading the book, a free copy for Kindle.  I also did some preflight at London City and had a few problems with identifiers.  This project has already been interesting, and I haven't even left the ground.  It appears that the Hawker 850 is capable of a direct flight from London City to Port Said with plenty of reserve fuel, which is what I intend to do.  Although I am flying a post 1970 aircraft, for one or two other legs I'll use a Beech C-45 in memory of my dad who flew it extensively in South America during WWII.  He said it was a fine, dependable aircraft.  That's him in my profile photo.

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January 1, 2022.  Aircraft: Bombardier Dash 8 Q400. 

Port Said, HEPS, departure at 10:50, overcast.  Direct to Kuwait, OKBK, 826 NM, 2 hours 44 minutes.  Thunder storm about 1 hour after departure.  IFR conditions at OKBK: overcast at 1,500, visibility 1 mile, rain.  ILS approach, 15 right.  Following ATIS I contacted the tower requesting a full stop.  The request was denied due to IFR conditions.  I hadn't filed an IFR plan but I have a large quantity of banknotes.  No problem.  

Screenshots: the route, on final, terminal.

HEPS to OKBK crop.jpg

On Final OKBK.jpg

Terminal OKBK.jpg

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January 2, 2022.  Aircraft: Beech Premier 1A. 


Kuwait, OKBK, departure at 9:50, rain.  To Bombay, VABB, 1,489 NM, 3 hours 19 minutes.  Hazy at VABB, ILS approach 27.  I contacted the tower requesting a full stop.  The request was denied due to IFR conditions.  The airport was no way in IFR conditions -- only a bit hazy, but good visibility at 4,000 feet and at least 5 miles.  I suspect the IFR condition was "imported" from my departure airport -- a program/computer error?  The actual conditions were as reported in my WX briefing, ATC was wrong. 


The distance was a bit of a range stretch for the Premier so I stuffed 200 pounds of banknotes into each fuel tank.  No problem.


Kuwait to Mumbai 1-2-2022.jpg



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January 15, 2022.  Leg 7.  Beech King Air selected for the comfort of Aouda while she recovers from drug induced stupor.  48 minute flight, Japalpur to Allahabad, to possibly transfer Aouda to railroad.





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February 8, 2022.  Leg 16, Honolulu to Kailua-Kona (PHNL to PHKO).  142 nm.  Dornier DO 228.  Somewhat of a side trip on the way to San Francisco.  48 minutes excluding some site seeing on the Big Island: Volcanoes National Park and a flyover of the house built by my parents.  A rather nostalgic side trip.

















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Good morning to you across the miles ( seeing that we are technically in different time zones now; I am still in UHPP (  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport, which is way to the east of the globe, and you in partly cloudy KSFO, albeit quite early too ).

I enjoyed the narrative, and it is nice to see a mixture of aircrafts.


I started off in the Zibo 737-800 , and thinking about switching  to a GA aircraft at some point ( probably when in Canada ), and I have had a few practice in the Baron 58 ( also in X-Plane 11).

Interestingly, I am doing a few missions ( on my VA, using QW 757-300, Avro RJ100 ) in FSX:SE, and it seems I am actually getting to enjoy the sims, ( except for MSFS because I am struggling to get the controls to map ).


I will definitely stop by again, once I am online.




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