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Geert's flightlog around in 80 days


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Good evening all,


At  the moment still in Hoogeveen EHHO (The Netherlands), organizing stores and fuel.

Will depart one of these days to London.

Flying the Aeroworx DC-3 / C-47 on a max. altitude of 10.000 feet.

Will also visit Turin, Brindisi, Allahabad, Shanghai and Omaha because Mr. Fogg was there during his trip around the world.

In my flight plan are a lot of small legs to fly , so I might combine some legs. 

Will be using X-Plane 11.


All the best and see you in London.



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Indeed, the oil supply is a bit difficult with the local dealer here, so just before Xmas.


I did find an old schoolbook "Orkaan navigatie" (Typhoon navigation at sea), might come in handy on my low and slow altitude flying in the Far East.

And "NO" , I do not bring a sextant with me on this trip, I bought myself a small Garmin.


See you later,

Geert Boer

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Dear Mr. Boer,


Congratulations! The C47 is an excellent choice for this daring venture! She combines reliability and redundancy as well as superior range.


Regarding oil provisioning: a lot can be improved here with proper maintenance. If I can be of any assistance with my extensive collection of aircraft maintenance manuals, please let me know! I am excitedly looking forward to meet you and your plane in London!




Filip Nebbel






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Well, thank you all for your attention.

Flying with random failures, I learn every day.


Leg no. 10


Distance 512 nm, time 3:07

Lots of water down there.

Moderate mist at landing.


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Leg no. 11


Distance 556 nm, time 3:50

Max. 3500 ft, almost all clouds.

Made mistake with the Garmin 530 and the fuel tanks.

But all o.k. after 5 minutes.

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