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PA4TIM around the world in 80 days


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The first part is done, 7 days of sun and fun....OK, forget the sun. 


Around the world in 80 days


1 London to Suez 7 days Dec 18 Dec 24

2 Suez to Bombay 13 days Jan 1 Jan 13

3 Bombay to Calcutta 3 days Jan 14 Jan 17

4 Calcutta to Hong Kong 13 days Jan 18 Jan 31

5 Hong Kong to Yokohama 6 days Feb 1 Feb 6

6 Yokohama to San Francisco 22 days Feb 7 March 1

7 San Francisco to New York 7 days March 7 March 14

8 New York to London 9 days March 15 March 24


P3D and Xplane 11, route via LittleMapNav, real weather : REX sky-force and active sky


Leg 1 London to Suez


Leg 1.1 (p3d constellation) day 1

London Heathrow (EGLL) Runway 09L to Luxembourg (ELLX)

Arrive via STAR MMD1V (06) and ILS LX06F (I06) to runway 06 .

292 nm, 1 h 14 m






EGLL 180820Z AUTO 08009KT 8000 OVC005 08/07 Q1039 NOSIG

ELLX 180820Z 04010KT 4000 BR BKN003 03/02 Q1036 NOSIG


It was a typical grey Saturday when I arrived in London after a short flight from Schiphol in the Netherlands. It was a week before Christmas, not many people at Heathrow, everybody was busy buying gifts but I had to work. Not that I cared much. I would soon met my true love, she was waiting outside. When I left the terminal I saw her, a beam of sunlight peeked through the clouds reflecting on here beautiful body. Over 70 years old and still looking great. The magnificent Lockheed Constellation. The mom-queen of the sky. When I entered her the familiar smell of oil , hot electronics and kerosene hit my nose. Ahh, that brought back good memories. My trusty first officer noelle can not fly but she is great in keeping me awake and barking if a control lamp turned on. I could use that help because the Conny was build for a crew of 3. She is a handful, for most because I am old school and I never use autopilot. Navigation will be done by VOR to VOR navigation. I closed my jacket as good as possible because the chilly wet wind made me cold down to the bones. One disadvantage in flying alone is that I must do the walk around inspection. I could not wait to get to the warm and cosy cockpit. No passengers but loaded pretty heavy with freight. It was from some guy in the most north part of Alaska. I tried to reschedule it to after Christmas but no luck, Nick was pretty rigid on this date. Oh well, nothing beats flying Conny so I did not really care.


Back in the cockpit I worked through the checklist and let the engines warm up. The beautiful hypnotic sound of 72 cylinders and 4 props. Then ATC gave me clearance and I was on my way. I released the brakes and the 4 fire spitting mighty rotary engines brought her up in no time. If she only could talk... she transported many famous people over the years.


Now there was no way back. It has begun, I would not see home for the next 80 days. Just a man and his dog in one of the prettiest planes ever build.




Arriving in Luxembourg, the weather was even worse as predicted. At some moments it was as dark as the darkest night. This is not a small plane but it was tossed around like a 172. This is one of the rare occasions I wished I knew how to use the AP. My dog puked all over the cockpit, the cabin was stuffed with cargo so no fun sleeping in the cockpit tonight in that smell.


Leg 1.2 Majestic Q400 in p3d day 2

After a night with not much sleep because of the smell and cold, but for most that the dog wanted to share the warmth of my sleeping bag, I used a good breakfast and spend some time to prepare the next leg. The Conny was needed by an other crew so I was assigned to a brand new (compared to the Conny) Dash-8 Q400, the destination was LOWI. Not the most easy, but the weather seems to be better, but cold, and the scenery is wonderful.




After a short walk with the dog to the tower to file the flight plan for the day, it was time to go.






The weather was pretty good until I reached the Alps. But it turned out to be local, in the approach the sun peeked through the clouds.




After delivering the plane to the hangar, I decided to take a hotel and take a day off for some skiing, I got a nostalgic feeling because it brings back good memories from the time, long ago, I worked during the holidays as a ski-instructor. Noelle however, does not like the snow, to cold and wet. I do not blame her, the snow is so thick and she so small (it is a little Jackmo) she has to jump as a rabbit or plow through it with frozen nipples.


Leg 1.3 Majestic Q400 in p3d day 3




Still cloudy but clear sight to the beautiful Alps. Again in the Q400, this is a very comfortable to fly. Also relaxing thanks to the helpful FS2Crew First Officer. The only problem was a little dog that normally sits in the FO chair so she can stick her nose out of the open window. That is, in her dreams. But a FO, a frisbee and an empty cabin was fun enough for her. The FO had other ideas about fun. He was pretty tired from apporting the frisbee over and over….did I tell you the dog is pretty lazy ? Sometimes it is nice to be the captain.

The route today was to LDPL. The plan was at first to take the Conny and fly from VOR to VOR but the Q400 is such a nice plane. It is the Majestic pro version.

Over an hour up to the restaurant for a good meal. Then to bed so I will be fresh for the next leg. Tomorrow back to the Conny, unless the organisation has an other surprise waiting.





Leg 1.4 Majestic Q400 in p3d Inibuild A310 in X Plane 11 day 4





After a nice breakfast and waling the dog it was time to file the flightplan. And in the tower I met a KLM first officer from a beautifull A310, he was in panic because the captain had a car accident, not serious harmed but he was not able to fly today. His company managed to find a new captain but that was at LDDU. I told him I had time and just was about to file my flightplan to LDDU. He was very pleased. I hope he still was after landing 🙂




The weather was nice, but 50 nm before the airport it looked like we would fly into soup.




But it was just locally, this airport is placed on a “hill” so I came in a little low but only 3 passengers got wounded so I am satisfied. Just kidding………………...




am I ? 🙂 Is that why I keep getting job offers from Ryan air ? Butter touch down of the A300. Lets see what tomorrow will bring.









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Leg 1.5 Constellation in p3d day 5



This leg ends in Athena, LGAV. Time for some ancient aeronautic culture sightseeing (Icarus).

I hope we can rent a helicopter and look around. But first planning the route.

This is a longer one, 443nm. Day six will be the sightseeing part.


Day 7 will be the longest leg because we will need to cross the Mediterranean sea. I do not like flying long legs over sea. And Noelle even less, nothing to see. Maybe I use the Concorde.


The flight went well but there was some pretty bad weather at the start, that is pretty hard crosswind and turbulence. But nothing the queen-mom could not handle. I only had to adress the pax herd in the cabin to stop being pussies and put on there man pants instead of screaming during a bit of turbulence, OK, it is not funny to drop 1000 ft in a few seconds but all those %^& tweets ruin my career. Tried so send the dog at them but that had no effect. I was afraid something happened when she did not return, so I wend back my self to see. Bloody pax had bribed here with a nice blanket. Jackmo’s sleep in the weirdest positions.








Athene looks nice when you approach it from over sea, I could  find some any ancient landmarks in Xplane and p3d.

But it was not very impressive. 



Xplane11 and simheaven Xeurope and HD Mesh, terraflora XL.

There is some kind of castle on the location of the Akropolis, Building are OK



Xplane11 SFD Global and HD Mesh terraflora XL. Forests look better, there are a lot of castle towers but the number and type of buildings are way off




P3D V5.3 Orbx global, LC Europe, Terraflora 2, HD buildings It is much more looking like the real one but It looks like to much high buildings..




The original from google maps in the same rotation as p3d.


Leg 1.6 Boeing 717 in p3d day 7


This was the last leg. It was almost 600 nm so I choose a plane that has an easy to use autopilot. I never use those things. There was a small problem. It also has an auto-throttle. And every time I wanted to land, the bloody thing gave full thrust. After 3 go arounds I just cutted of the fuel and landed it as a glider. Made the most butter landing ever. Not much to see, the whole trip was over water and enough clouds to not even see that water.




HEBS is just a narrow piece of land with a runway. The flight was relaxed but a bit boring. Time to find a hotel. The 717 is a nice comfortable aircraft but I prefer legs upto 300 nm or so. 




Up to the next part of the trip 


I hope this is not to much regarding the pictures. 


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LEG 2 African adventures.





Leg 2.1 A2A Constellation in p3d day 1


First day of Christmas. Away from family in the middle of something that looks to me a dessert. I should have brought summer clothing instead of my thick leather pilot jacket and flight-overall. Noelle liked it, she loves to sun-bade




Chasing the sandflies who tried to eat me alive I walked to the ATC office. No one there, strange, I did not know Santas reindeers had such a range. This reminds me of a Xmass carol from lynyrd skynyrd about Rudolph the red-necked-reindeer. A nephew from red-nosed-Rudolf, Wearing overalls and a John-deer-tractors cap. Coming from Alabama he would not have bothered Egyptian temperatures.


Ti me to do a walk around Connie the African way. Looks good, not to much leakage, all 3 gear present, the canvas of the tires only showing if you looked really careful, Sounds like it could be enough fuel if I knock against the wings, to hot for water in the fuel so I skip that, Most control surfaces seem to work, only missing a trim tab. I am satisfied.

I had made a little hammock under the navigators overhead- bulb canopy so she can sun during the flight. I hope this update comes on time to you readers. Internet over here goes through smoke-signals (source timetoast)


Today we have again passengers and the flight attendant reads a Egyptian specific safety briefing. Including things like crocodiles need to be lined-on all the time and have their mouth duck-taped. As usual, the co-pilot, navigator, and radio officer are not present. Only the (t)rusty flight engineer and Betty “coffee, thee or me” the F.A. It is again, a man and his dog. I studied the POH so I know more or less how the “ Autopilot” works. This makes it more easy to check things and do navigation. I planned the whole flight so it follows VFR points because there are not as much VORS or DBN as in Europe. But this first flight is a though one, one 190 nm leg I will have to navigate first by flying away from a VOR until the next one is in reach. In Xplane that is 130 nm but no clue in P3D.




Start of the flight, and it would be like this, when not covered by clouds, the rest of the flight.


End so looked the end. Like did everything in between. 


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I started writing this with tears in my ears, my Conny is gone, buried in the Dessert of Africa. We are lucky to have survived this. The start of the flight was wonderful, nice weather but also something I did not want, living cargo. Three camels I bought because this is the currency used to pay for fuel in parts of this journey still to come. Better be prepar3d.

Besides the 3 ships of the dessert, half a tribe on there way to the annual African crocodile throwing championships.  All went well upto I started to smell something that made me very uncomfortable. Smoke !! But it smelled strange, like someone was barbecuing. I asked the first officer if he smelled the same BBQ odour.  He did, but it could not be a BBQ, we are to high to smell that, besides that, it seems to come from the cabin. Then I noticed Noelle standing drooling for the cockpit door. I said to the FO, no way, do you think in the cabin they are bar......and then a lot of bells and lights came to action. Not only fire but also a sudden depressurisation of the cabin.  We needed all our attention to get te plane down. 

The sand was so soft our landing ended in a demolished plane. Thank god no one was harmed or worse. The FAA following this race with all these old birds, in the hope to find a reason to ground most of the planes, was on the spot almost faster then we crashed. The aircraft investigation team arrived just a few minutes later. After a deep going investigation, (what plane did you say, A conny from 1963 ? OK, that is the cause) they found the real cause. The tribe had made a fire to roast some camel-steak with roasted lizard soup, for lunch. But when it got a bit smokey they thought it was a good idea to open the navigators hatch......

Totally devastated I was letting my tears run free, when I heard a car horn. A big 6 wheeled Lamborghini stopped, in it a sheik on holiday to visit some African desserts. He asked what happened and he took his sat phone, called home and told me. " Do not be sad my friend, I found you a NOS Conny" Turned out he liked it so much back in the 60' s that he bought one to fly and 3 others as spares just to be sure.  He ordered his staff to make it ready, asked his wives to clean the cockpit and told 2 of his sons to bring it over.  But one of them had a better plan. It was stored with the wings detached to make room for 2 Concordes. So they stowed it in his Beluga together with his wives and staff so they could make it airworthy and clean on the way to the crash site. 






Leg 2.2 A2A Constellation in p3d day 3 retry


The Beluga landed on the airstrip we had visited a few hours before to tank fuel We stopped because when we passed it we saw a sign: “ We fill you up for only 1 camel” so we could go on from there following the same flightplan.


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Finally on my way again. This time no pax, they had become nervous fliers. I really do not know why...but that was no problem,

the plane came with enough camels to buy fuel so there was no room left. 



Source Take a Look at Royal Jordanian's Camel Cargo (thepointsguy.com)




The Conny turned out to be more work as expected but I could use one of his Dash-8’ s and they will fly the Conny to where I am at that time.

It was already very late and near dawn when we finally departed, but the dash-8 is very easy to fly in the dark. It was a 475 nm leg.

By the time we arrived it was dark. Noelle did not matter, she slept curled up on my lap. 





Like you see, the Dash-8 also had a problem. The landing gear would not go up.

There is manual control to lower it but not for the other direction.

So that limited the speed and fuel consumption was high. 




The flightplan OEK to OERM 475 nm


The Dash turned to have no working landing lights but the HUD made landing in the dark easy




I must say, the more I fly the Majestic Dash-8 Q400, the more I like it. But Conny is my number 1. I love the sound of those engines, like service crews liked to say back then,

" it is te best 3 engine airliner"  (For those who do not know, this is an early Conny, the L049, the engines were not the most trustworthy .

Often they had to land on 3 engines.








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Leg 2.3 B314 Clipper in p3d day 4







While sitting on a bench looking over the sea and enjoying the sea-planes taking off and landing, the man sitting next to me asked if I was a plane-spotter. I told him about why I was here and the 80 DATW event.


He then told me he used to be a captain on a B314 Clipper, one only used for secret operations by the MOSAD and delivered outside Boeings official books. I told them how I loved old seaplanes and that is a pity no of the 9 produced B314 had survived.


He told me I was wrong, number 10, the MOSAD plane still exist. And even better, he owns it. If I wanted to take it for a ride ? You bet I want that. We decided I will fly the left chair to OTHH and he will fly it back. There was one problem, it only has NDB navigation receivers. We found some NDB’ s but it turned out the radio was broken. No problem, I just followed the coast line. This beauty is huge but very slow.





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Leg 2.3 B314 Clipper in p3d day 5




Because most airman in the “race” use modern planes like the DC6. I was thinking it would be nice to use this vintage airliner annex flying boat some more. If it is wise ? is a whole other thing. The cruise speed is a whopping 115 mph. But the B314 OBBS. The owner flew it after me to there.


But no worries, I found something a bit different. I know there is a pilot who would love to join me.

I rented it from some A. Meyer, nice chap, seems to know a lot about aircraft. I borrowed a Catalina from Stalone who was here shooting scenes for The Expendables 12.

This was better as swimming to get OERM. All fine and dandy but I started to long to something faster to get out of the terrible heat.





Never the less, the Cat is a great plane.


After the short flight I took a taxi to the airport, for so far you can call this dessert an airport. My first time in a zepplin, I had no clue how to operate it so it took a while. But it was a nice experience.




After the Zepplin I hurried to the B314 that was turn around ready. So I could leave straight away. The radios were repaired.




  Isn’ t she lovely






Oil stuff



Very oldschool navigation


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A picture I had forgotten from the leg before this one


Leg 2.4 Constellation in p3d day 6






Before the journey I was glad to leave the bad dutch weather. But I think I have not offered enough virgins t o the weather gods. Yesterday it was again “ Dutch” weather. 

This reminds me of a joke. It only rained 2 times this week. One was 3 days, the other 4 days. This leg was no different. We took of in sunny weather but soon it changed

and over 200 nm was flown with almost zero visibility. Around JSK we flew into a massive thunderstorm. Noelle gets a bit excited if she hears banging sounds and then wants

to scare them away by barking. So I was very glad to have noise cancelling headphones. Landing visibility was also zero and the VOR was not exact on the runway axis.

I knew there was only flat empty ground short of the runway and after 3 hours of fighting the plane against turbulence and screaming pax, I just put her down.

Turned out to be about to be a few miles short but it was flat so I taxied the last miles to the airport.



This is between to layers. Ground fog and low thunderclouds. Being far away from home I could still not escape fireworks. But this was mother natures fireworks.

this was only a short time of reasonable visibility. I am tired and go to bed (in the conny) so I wish you all a good and healthy 2022.

Some pictures from the first part of the leg.


The Constellation is an amazing aircraft, the sound of the roaring mighty engines, the huge props, and everything rattles, moans and creaks.

It rally is alive. But I so wished it had a weather radar. I do not like autopilots and the conny does not have one but in these kind of conditions I wish she has one. .

OK, it has something that could be seen as some kind of AP but only if you have enough fantasy. It is more a sort of trim device you can use in calm weather.



I  so wished A2A had added rain effects to it because this is one of the most realistic wipers I have ever seen in Xplanme or p3d




Here I enter the runway. I only use the taxi light in the nose. When I deployed the landing lights I only saw a blinding white wall of fog.

On the original screenshot you can barely see the stripe in the middle of the runway. 




Approach somewhere after the start of this leg I had to stop to deliver some goods. 




Another thunderstorm picture with cloud to cloud lightning. I switched of the dash lighting for the picture. 


Conny needs to get a good check of the landing gear after the off-runway excursion. 

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Leg 2.5 Constellation in p3d day 7





I am totally exhausted, There must be some sort of conspiracy, climate gate or so. I started nice, conny looked like she was ready,

we had a number of whiners, uhh I mean pax, so I could buy extra camels.


Nice and sunny, that was mistake number one, There she was, waiting for me, ready to go. That was mistake number 2.

The ground-crew was not even started. Nothing to do but waiting ?




I’ m kinda a greasmonkey myself, but only cars and motorbikes, but hey, they also have wheels, struts and engines. So I took my tools,

the workshop manual and started. It was a lot of work but at least I know now that everything is perfect. But again a night f(l)ight.




We took some time for a quick dinner and loaded the pax and fuel. Noelle tried to smuggle a rat she killed on board, into the cabin of all places,

but that did not sound like a good idea to me. She was not pleased with me and as a protest she rolled her self to a ball on the FO chair

and spend the flight mocking and giving me the eye.


After 30 minutes or so the clouds grew and before I know, the picture above was the view until it went dark.


The picture below was the situation until approach. To bad turbulence is not visible in pictures. But listening to the whiners in the cabin it was severe.

I had spend some time on the AP and I got the pitch part working. It is nice to handfly without constantly correcting for pitch.

The AP is not really an AP, it just holds the pitch so in turbulence it was useless. I think I will feel my muscles tomorrow.




Because everything was flat and the VOR was in line with the runway I went below the glideslope already in the approach and I was lucky,

no ground fog. So I flew like 20 nm at 1000 ft and then made a very nice landing. The new shocks were worth the money.

I made some beautiful shots of the runway, a bit foggy and nice bright lites made it look like a Christmas post card.

But somehow the camera has some problems. In Xplane you can see it when you make a screenshot, in p3d not.




To compensate, a picture of the real thing. And now I am going to walk Noelle, hang out our hammock in the cabin, watch a movie and sleep.

I hope, Noelle had slept a great part of the flight so she is pretty awake. But I have no energy to play ball.  She throws them pretty far. 

We have only a black and white Cathode ray tube television and 8mm filmprojector on board but better as nothing. 

To make it up with Noelle I played the Aristocats. She loves that movie. 

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Leg 2.6 Constellation in p3d day 8



I need an other weather engine, it seems I am the only one who has bad weather most of the time. 


Waking up this morning with every muscle protesting I went outside and this was the view. Go to Asia they say, always hot and sunny they say...

So I am lost, or they are wrong. The view from the tower was not what I hoped to see.



It looked not bad, but I am far from good in analysing METAR data.  The next photo showed how it looked in the sim.
I think p3d does not speak the same language...


Noelle did not mind it, she likes the sun but not like in a dessert. I do not mind it being cooler but 3 hours of blind flying was not
my idea of having fun. But it is a great learning experience. The pax only screamed once today so I must become better or
they get braver.  I learned a nice trick, go to 15000 ft and " forget"  to pressurise the cabin and enjoy the silence. 


Immediate after start I let the mighty engines roar and went up to fly above the clouds. To bad, at 17000 ft still soup.

But suddenly after an hour or so I saw the ground and it cleared up a bit. I descended to 8000 ft and there it was better.


 Not sunny but clear enough to fly relaxed. I engaged the AP pitch control and really enjoyed it. It looked like it stayed calm 
so I turned down the cabin pressure and turned off the seatbelts sign. I think Betty was not so thrilled, she made me wait
a long time for my tea. And when I took a zip I blew it out all over the dashboard.
Betty asked, " is there something wrong ?",  " now I think of it, I think I, by accident, have used salt instead of sucre, must be the lack of oxygen" 
she said with a strange devilish smile. " Do you want to know what you will get for dinner tonight ?  I think you will like it...." 
Maybe this trick was not such a good idea, next time first call betty in the cockpit. 


Not a fancy view but at least I can see the deck. Strange enough I am again missing a lot of pictures. Very strange. 

Not that there was a lot to see, it was almost dark when I approached the destination. The runway was not illuminated. 
Also good practice. I am starting to thrust the navigation. It is very cool to fly on instruments and then see the runway
appearing illuminated by my landing lights and do a nice soft landing. Those struts pay off. 
But I can not wait to leave the dessert behind and see nice mountains and forests. 

Connie will like it to when I can remove the cyclone filters so she can breath freely again. I must not forget to check the fuel-filters.


Again a nice picture of the real deal. This is the real queen of the sky. If you are a bit into classic planes you know there are several queen of the skies.

Most of you know Cinderella, the princess of the skies. Also known as the hump-back of Notre-Boeing, or the 18:53, or for you imperialists the  7 for 7. 

And then there is the Queen-Mum, the Sikorsky VS-44A. A flying boat. 

No clue of the source, I have a whole bunch I found all over the web and I use them as desktop wall paper on W11.


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Leg2.7 Constellation in p3d day 8






Today the first part I used the Lockheed 10 Electra.

S plane from the 30’ s. Back then not a small airliner but after the Constellation and B314 it feels like a cute general aviation plane.
I was lucky they filled her up but that was all. No checklist or POH. Took me a while because a fuel lever was closed but from there on it went well.
Very easy to fly. Trim it and it will go on for ever. Very stable. BUT, I had very nice weather. And again, most of the screenshots disappeared.
My computer must be the Bermuda triangle for aviation pictures.


Part to will be tomorrow because I am way ahead on schedule. I am not yet sure what type of plane they give me tomorrow.





Second part to VABB was in the B314. If it not causes a CTD it is so much fun to fly. Besides that finally nice weather.



After a short swim we reached the B314


Up she goes with roaring engines and a lot of smoke


Finally, some green instead of sand


Easy boating to Mumbai harbour


I soon found out it is not wise to "park" it here straight under the runway. Those modern jet-age thing cause a lot of wake turbulence . 

So after the paperwork was done I sailed her to a quite place to enjoy a lunch.


SIDESTEPPING until  January 13.

Since we arrived in Mumbai much to early I decided to fly back to Port Said this afternoon for work.  

I run a parts service. There are members who need plane parts, I have time to fly them to their location. Most of these members choose to stay anonymous.

But first I headed to the Pyramids, I had not visited them before. We flew along the Suez canal to Cairo int.


It must be the holiday season because there was not a single ship in sight.




We wanted to take a hotel in Cairo, but that was not easy, No dogs allowed. I think they are afraid it chases the sphinx away.

But the Q400 is a comfortable plane. No pax only parts for some stranded members so we slept again in the plane.
The next day after a nice breakfast we made a sightseeing flight over the pyramids . 



And then back to Cairo




Very interesting elevated runway.




Ready for the night. I got a phone call from a member who needed some parts for his DA-62 autopilot,
And somebody asked about A320 parts so tomorrow a busy day. I will deliver them to HEAT and HESN


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Hi pa4tim,

Great Planes. I like you tried a blimp. Awesome.

I love the city pics you have in the middle part. They are very persuasive indeed. 

And the Q400 not to forget. Really great!

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4 and 5 January (total HEAT to VABB will be 3788 nm) on-official day 1



Waking up I heard the rain dropping down on the roof of the cabin. Visibility zero…..But after a good breakfast the sun peaked through.
Filed the flightplan and ready for departure.






The parts were loaded so we were ready to deliver the spar parts. It went so well that I decided to add another leg. But visibility dropped soon
to zero above the water. Cruised a while at 24000ft the luxe way on the AP of the Q400. All went well until the trace disappeared from the nav display.
Flight plan was still there but did not seam to work. I reprogrammed it and that worked. Used the AP under manual control for the approach.
It went wonderful, that is, until I reached over to the throttles at the same time Noelle jumped on my lap pushing my arm to the
pitch trim wheel just before touchdown. The result was an exploding tire.




I was lucky to have a contract with FS2CREW groundservice and they pulled me to the ramp.




S o, now I needed spareparts myself. Very cool, after parkling the cr ew started repairing.
They placed a jack under the wing and just when I wanted to take a screenshot the plane was sucked up by a virtual tornado.
So now she is totally dead. No clue what happened but I have evidence for the insurance.









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6 January on-official day 2 OEWJ to OERY and OEGS to OERY




The next episode of 80 crash investigations around the world. The first thing we did was sacrificing some virgins

while we were dancing naked under a full moon. This may sound a bit overdone but we had no choice.

Most members seem to have glorious nice weather while we have the one low-to-visibility-zero flight after an other.

On a serious note, there is something going wrong with REX skyforce or p3d settings because it most of the times

tells it is sunny weather but I get bad weather. 


But this has an advantage, besides the practice. As long as I fly I never seen iceing on a plane.

Today the Q400 started to shake a bit. I thought it was turbulence or ICE. But when I wanted to look outside I could not see anything (other then fog)

The window was frozen, cool, so I hopped outside and finally, icing.




So I switched on the anti icing to the slow mode, not a big difference, so I switched to fast and it was solved.
The Q400 is using inflatable rubber “ hoses” on the leading edge of the wing. If icing develops you inflate the rubber and the ice breaks away. In Xplane I heard you can see the inflating as it is animated.



Ice is gone, only on the nosecone of the propeller you still see ice.

A nd the the approach, helped by the HUD this must become a great landing. Approach went great until touchdown.
The plane took off again ???? Was the landing to firm ? Tried 3 landings and all the same effect.
Finally managed to force it down and the same thing happened as yesterday. The plane was grabbed by an invisible twister. The insurance is not gonna like that.

(that was enough, also some strange error messages while booting, I completely reinstalled everything from sim itself and all addons)



I restarted again but now from OEGS because I wanted to redo the approach. And that went well.
Even the weather seems to be a little better. Still foggy but much more visibility under 3000 ft so I stayed low.
While landing it even got sunny so I hope reinstalling everything I had also cured the weather.

You can see petrol is cheap in Arabia. The follow me car drove in front of me. Reaching the taxiway it start to wobbler, smoke came from the tires
and it drove away like a dragste
r never to be seen again.



Now time for some luxury, we took a hotel and after telexing this to the organisation I am going to take a long bath after a nice dinner.
Bought a nice roasted pigs-ear for Noelle and she is enjoying it while guarding the balcony against birds in a nice afternoon sun.
A real aviation dog, she does not like birds 🙂 


I cannot remove the picture below



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7 January on-official day 3 OERY to OMDM OMDB (522nm)




Today a flight using a plane from the Xplane-Airlines. Asked the metar, this time from Active sky, and it was sunny, no harsh winds or turbulence.
This could not get better...and that was true. It got worse. First problem, the plane was at SANG Airbase. Nearby but no transportation.


Then I saw through the half open door of a hangar a strange wing. I knocked on the door and was welcomed in by a Scottisch chap.
He introduced himself as Graham Bell. Turned out he had a big collection of very old planes. He showed me around and asked about my plans.
I told him there was a problem, the Dash-8 Q400 was at the wrong airport. He said, if you can fly the B314 and a Constellation I trust you with
Bertha. “ your daughter ? “ I asked.
Sort off, he answered laughing and we walked to the corner of the hangar. There she is, a real Demoiselle No.20. Build by me.
Santos-Dumont, designed it in 1909 and made the drawings open source to help aviation to become popular.
They were even published in Populair Mechanics stating
 "This machine is better than any other which has ever been built, for those who wish to reach results with the least possible expense and with a minimum of experimenting.”
I do not say no to that chance, I said smiling.


So I strapped Noelle's harness to my belt and took off. She liked it and she curled up on my lap enjoying the wind and view. So every now and then barking to a bird that came to near. 



They were right, indeed a joy to fly. 



Graham followed me with is beautiful restored Sopwith Camel, he inherited it in 1989 from his grand dad, Tommy Murdoch.

His whole family was involved into aviation since the early days of aviation.


When we arrived I invited him to a lunch and we had a lovely conversation about airplanes. After lunch I filed my flightplan and walked to the Q400.
I love those old planes but the Q400 is one of the few modern planes I like. After takeoff I enjoyed the view of the city. So different as back home.






I do not understand why people keep asking me for ice ? 


After a few hours I saw the familiar water palmtrees. But then the next problem arrived.



Like you see in the picture below, the airport is missing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.



No problem, modern navigation so I typed in a direct to OMDB, Dubai airport.




And then it went from strange to very strange. All airplanes, airport vehicles and even some markings were there, but all the runways and buildings were missing ?????????

No problem, the Q400 is not very critical so I landed her and taxied to the gates



Another strange day, it almost starts to be like fiction. I should write a book about it. Something like " in 80 days around the world" 
Nah, nobody would buy a book about that. 

My next flight will be better Prepar3d 🙂

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8 January on-official day 4 OIZC to OPKC (418nm) part 2



Another rather white flight.






Arrival in Karachi, a familiar name. I played hockey when I was a lot younger and my stick was a Karachi king. Nice to be out of the desert and see more green.
The plane is really nice and comfortable for these sort of long monotone flights. I do not like APs but for this sort of flights it is kinda nice.
I must not get to accustomed to it because the 14th I go on with the original trip and so back into the Constellation and B314.


As a test I tried some other countries to see how p3d interpreted the weather but that all looked normal. Not only the kind of weather but also visibility.

After some investigation I think the problem is 2 fold. The scenery looks over-exposed and that makes it look like there is fog.

If I turn the brightness all te way down it is still very bright but I can see a lot more what could not be the case if it is fog.

It looks like the haze is looking like fog, just when you turn on your cars headlights when you drive in the fog. So it seems to be haze and sun brightness. 

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Woahouww! The constellation, what a majestic plane. I Love the camel cargo to pay for fuel! 🙂 
And well done for your old-fashioned navigation.

I look forward to your concord flight !! maybe between New York and London, to finish in style?

I prefer to stay with the same plane, my faithful FOKKER, even if Carenado really abuses not to correct the bugs, in particular those of the flight lights (incomprehensible ...).


PS: I promise, I will now put my flight logs in English ...

Good luck and good flights for the future!


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9 January on-official day 5 to 10 OPKC to VABB (1506nm)




Part 1 VABJ-VABP (487nm)


Finally solved my camera problems. REX replaces skycolors and has a sun brightness profile. I now choose the darkest sun setting, a darker sky, switched of autoexposure and turned the brightness down.




After more settings we get some blue skies




Finally, more realistic views.



After landing, I even can see stars now…


In the Approach the plane started to drift like there was crosswind, turned out an engine was stopped.
The landing was thanks to that a bit firm and she bounced so I did a TOGA and told the FO to start the engine and that succeeded.
The second time went well. No damage so we parked here.
I so wanted some sleep that I let Noelle walk her-self and rolled out the hammock and sleepingbag.


Having Betty onboard here too is great, she made us a nice dinner during the flight. The darling let Noelle back-in,
cleaned our mess, secured the plane like I asked. Turned out with an AK47, that was a little miscommunication.


But I slept like a baby. Doing the whole trip twice is maybe a bit to much, but the last 1000nm in 4 days must be doable in a Q400.
The HUD is really nice for hand-flying. Very easy to hold altitude.








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Part 2 VABP-VNAP alternate VA2C (238 nm) TWICE, in both P3D and Xplane


This to test the real weather between active sky and REX, the result was more or less similar


The route is the first leg, VA2C was the alternate but became in both cases the destination thanks to the weather.


Todays trip was only 190 nm so we slept a hole in the day, had a nice brunch and a siesta. Weather was nice.

I made a long walk with Noelle, she deserved it, she was been such a good doggie the last days.

I teached here to use the bathroom. (we placed a cat litter box).  Betty "coffee, tea or me", who decided to become part of our permanent crew, filed the flightplan.

And then we were ready to ride the sky's again in my t(h)rusty Q400.



The plan was to go to VNAP but after a trip with nice weather we first got some rain and visibility decreased rapidly.
I checked the weather and I was heading straight in to bad weather. This was a visual approach opn a rather short runway.
Just before we should see the airport visibility went to zero.
So I decided to go to VA2C. Just before we reached it weather became better, but just before the runway was a fog bank so we went around and landed from the other side.



The start


Just before VNAP


Even closer to VNAP so we went on to the alternate


Close to the alternate, not good either but at least some visibility


And this was perfect until the fog bank.


From the other side the visibility was fine but I forgot to take a picture


In Xplane 11, Just Flight BAe146-200



Like in REX bad weather at the destination upto just before the alternate


Take off


Climbing over VABP


Above the clouds


half way


Like in P3D, zero visibility at VNAP


For a moment it looked better but the airport turned out to be not visible enough


Upto the alternate


Approaching alternate, low to keep out of the clouds








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12 January leg 4 day 9 on-official VOBZ-VOHS (199nm)


Not much to say. It started very nice, like predicted by REX, we all sat in the cockpit, chatting about all kind of things.
Then she said to my big surprise, “ when we flew over the dessert I expected you to play some appropriate music”. Like what ? I asked.

For instance Dessert song from MSG or tears of Sahara from Tony MacAlpine, she said with a big smile. Damn, this girl has taste. (I am not talking about the great band with that name🙂 ) ?



But she had more surprises. Betty took my guitar and started playing “ I am not awake yet” One of my favourite Rory Gallagher songs.

I was flabbergasted, Noelle liked her singing a lot more as mine. Then she told me she learned to play guitar from her brother.

Maybe I knew his name, Andy. I said, “what, Andy Timmons is your brother ?” That is so cool, you had a great teacher.


All in all we had a very good time. A good thing we were flying under the radar and outside the claws of ATC, I can not help that, I am Dutch, we hate rules….,

because it was so distracted by her that my course looked like it was flown by a drunken pilot, I have many bad habits but non involve drinking, drugs, coffee or smoking.
At some time Noelle had enough of it and like a good FO, she hit the AP switch. But things soon turned a whole different direction.

And that was just the start, soon it went from bad to worse.





Luckily thing got better when we came close to our destination.


And at the time the runway was in sight, the visibility went back to normal. ,








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