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EDNR-Cruiser - Mooney M20R Flight Log


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That sounds kinda fun and like a great idea to me and the perfect time of the year to pull it off from your armchair without any need for bulky survival equipment... 😉
I'm a Mooniac, Mooney fanboy, Mooney owner and therefore decided to take the Alabeo/Carenado Mooney M20R for the trip! Will it work out in a single piston engine 4-seater small aircraft without turbo-charger? We'll know in a few months but I am not really concerned, in the end I'm gonna fly a Mooney, the best single engine piston aircraft in the world (and it does not even require a parachute...).  🙂
I will not take any fancy extra equiment with me, so I might have to deviate a little in order to get some required AVGAS somewhere in the world but I will try to keep my flight path as close to the original route as possible.

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Well, you are right of course. That's gonna be the most challenging part of the route. Even when flying across the Bering-Sea there are still some mighty gaps to close. All I can hope for is that XP11 includes the more remote outposts like the NAVY base Attu Island or the small old gravel airfield Nikolski with its US postal services station... - otherwise it might get complicated and take ages indeed. I've never done anything like that, I only fly small aircraft across Europe so it will be a steep learning curve indeed...  😉

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vor 5 Stunden , Heinz Flichtbeil sagte:

very fine aircraft, the Mooney M20. I like it ....

A fine aircraft indeed! Even though I own a Mooney for almost 9 years now it still impresses with speed and efficiency - that feeling never gets old....
I did a test flight today with the Alabeo Mooney M20R and found that even in economic cruise the flight model matches the POH data very closely. I never tried that before because I usually use max cruise power settings in the sim because AVGAS is so cheap in X-Plane11  8-) and I love the performance of a Mooney.
Believe it or not but in real life the max. range of a Mooney M20R is about 3.400km (!!) without any additional tanks. I am now even more relaxed about the longer stints. I won't need an extra tank for the gas but I will surely need a mobile toilet for my bladder it seems....   😉

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Gestern Nacht hatte ich einen Albtraum... - ich träumte ich fiele über den Rand der Welt und wachte schweißgebadet auf.
Dabei fiel mir sofort ein dass ich ja nur Europa von X-Plane11 auf meiner Festplatte installiert habe, der Rest der Welt war immer uninteressant für mich, da fliege ich in der Realität ja auch nicht...
Also habe ich heute erstmal den Nachmittag damit verbracht, auch den Rest der Welt von den DVDs auf die Festplatte zu bringen... - nicht dass ich doch noch über den Rand der Welt falle...   😉

Last night a had a nightmare... - I dreamt that I fell from the edge of the world und woke up soaked in sweat.
Immediately I realiized that my X-Plane11 only has Europe installed, I never ever cared about installing the rest of the world because I never fly there in real life.
So I spent the afternoon installing the "rest of the world"  to my SSD, not that I really fall off the edge of the world....  🙂

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  • Administrator

.... mit der schnellen Mooney kann so etwas schon mal passieren. Aber ich denke nicht, dass man mit X-Plane herunter fällt.

Man wird eher ins "Nichts" fliegen und dann möglicherweise bevor man gestartet ist bereits am Ziel sein.... und das wäre schade für dieses Event. :)


.... with the fast Mooney something like this can happen. But I don't think you fall down with X-Plane.

You're more likely to fly into "nothing" and then possibly be at your destination before you've taken off.

That would be a shame for this event. :)


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Many things are possible with a Mooney... - by the way, it seems our aircraft met already this summer in Helgoland, or was it one of your fellow pilots???

Mit einer Mooney sind viele Dinge möglich... - ach übrigens, kann es sein, dass sich unsere Flugzeuge schon mal getroffen haben in diesem Sommer auf Helgoland? Oder war das einer Deiner Kollegen?


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Preparations are finished... - got some boxes of emergency toilets, oil and also a mobile oxygen bottle as the built-in oxygen of the Alabeo Mooney M20R is inoperative it seems. Will need to plan carefully when and how long I want or have to use oxygen...
If weather permits I will fly to EGLC London City either tomorrow or on Thursday. See you in London.  🙂

So, die Vorbereitungen sind abgeschlossen. Hab ein paar Boxen Notfall-Toiletten, Öl (echt schwierig gerade!) ergattern können und auch eine mobile Sauerstoff-Flasche, da das eingebaute Sauerstoff-System der Alabeo Mooney offensichtlich nicht funktioniert. Jetzt werde ich noch etwas genauer planen und sorgfältig abwägen müssen wann und wo und wie lange ich diese Sauerstoff-Notversorgung in Anspruch nehmen kann/muus.
Falls das Wetter mitspielt, fliege ich morgen oder am Donnerstag nach EGLC London City . Wir sehen uns in London. 🙂

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Done with the planning for the 1st segment of the Journey London - Port Said. I need to pick up some supplies at various Pilot Shops across Northern Europe because shipping in time was impossible just before Christmas and I will also visit some friends.

Die Flugplanung für das erste Segment ist abgeschlossen. Da ich sowieso noch diverse Ausrüstungsteile bei verschiedenen Pilot Shops abholen muss (die Lieferung so kurz vor Weihnachten war unmöglich) geht es erstmal im Zickzack durch Nordeuropa. Dabei kann ich dann auch noch ein paar Freunde besuchen...   🙂

Segment 1 - London to Suez – 7 days
    Distance Comment
London City Airport EGLC      
Shoreham-Brighton EGKA 78 km 42 NM Transair Flight Equipment
Amsterdam Shiphol EHAM 388 km 210 NM Aviation MegaStore
Berlin Schönhagen EDAZ 570 km 308 NM Sky Fox
Mannheim EDFM 446 km 241 NM Friebe Aero
Nürnberg EDDN 187 km 101 NM  
Salzburg LOWS 239 km 129 NM Red Bulls
Split LDSP 540 km 292 NM  
Heraklion (Kreta) LGIR 1188 km 641 NM  
Port Said (Suez) HEPS 797 km 430 NM  
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vor 12 Stunden , pestridge77 sagte:

Im very interested how these single engine planes will get across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco.. :)


After I learned about frequent winterstorms and fog across the Bering Sea I decided to take a route further North and with reasonable long legs, not exceeding 60% of the maximum range of the Mooney 20R which is a whopping 3000 kilometers. My current plan is to fly from Tokyo via Misawa RJSM to Kushiro RJCK which both have AVGAS available and then fly to Petropavlovsk UACP and further to Ugolny UHMA.
From there over to Savoonga, Unalakleet to Anchorage and the rest will be a piece of cake... 🙂 (hopefully).
Longest leg is to Ugolny Aairport which is 1.685 km or 910 NM, roughly 6 hours estimated flight time at 150 kts GS. I will definitely have to wait for decent weather there because a 60 kts headwind will definitely make it impossible to reach the destination.

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3 minutes ago, EDNR-Cruiser said:

After I learned about frequent winterstorms and fog across the Bering Sea I decided to take a route further North and with reasonable long legs, not exceeding 60% of the maximum range of the Mooney 20R which is a whopping 3000 kilometers. My current plan is to fly from Tokyo via Misawa RJSM to Kushiro RJCK which both have AVGAS available and then fly to Petropavlovsk UACP and further to Ugolny UHMA.
From there over to Savoonga, Unalakleet to Anchorage and the rest will be a piece of cake... 🙂 (hopefully).
Longest leg is to Ugolny Aairport which is 1.685 km or 910 NM, roughly 6 hours estimated flight time at 150 kts GS. I will definitely have to wait for decent weather there because a 60 kts headwind will definitely make it impossible to reach the destination.

WOW 3K miles?! Thats far.. :)


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Prologue and 1st leg today...

Unfortunately I didn't manage to fly to London until today and hence no fancy welcome party. 😞
So, today I finally got the journey started and even finished my first leg of the first segment. Luckily it was only 43 NM late in the afternoon from EGLC London City to EGKA Shoreham-Brighton and I arrived just before the sea fog rolled in...

Prologue:  (EDNR to EGLC - 483 NM)
Even though we had perfect weather here in Bavaria over the past 3 days (blue skies, freezing temperatures and perfect visibility) I found no time to fly to London. Instead I finished the Xmas preparations for friends and family because that was the least I could do since I would not be able to join them for the festivities.
Penalty followed today, i had to spend 3 hours at the airfield waiting for the weather to clear up a bit but at noon I finally fired the engine up. Low ceilings, 6 miles visibility and freezing temperatures looked like a challenge but luckily the weather improved a little west of Nurnberg.  The  wind was also not in my favour and headwinds of up to 20 kts slowed me down somewhat. ATIS at EGLC reported low ceilings and I decided to shoot the ILS 27 approach to stay safe.
After 3:06:06h flight time I finally arrived on the runway and taxied to the Private Jet Center at the western end of the airport just to find that everyone had left already and no welcome band was waiting either... - well, that was no real surprise.... 😉

Just before noon the sky looked a little better...

..and I decided to give it a try...

London City, here we come...

Still marginal weather for such a trip...
...but the weather got better west of Nurnberg, I found a hole in the clouds and climbed to FL065...
Passing EDDF Frankfurt on my way west...
Low ceiling and limited visibility on the ILS 27 approach into EGLC London City

Taxiing to the ramp...


Finally arrived a the exclusive Private Jet Center at EGLC...




Sceneries used:
EDNR - Default XP11, EGLC - ORBX


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1st leg: (EGLC London City to EGKA Shoreham-Brighton - 43 NM)
Due to the bad weather forecast I decided to skip refueling and take-off for the 1st planned leg to Shoreham-Brighton asap. The only luxury was a quick sight-seeing tour of the city before I turned towards the sea.
15 NM off Shoreham the ceiling came down quickly and visibility got worse every mile and I was really happy when the wheels touched down on RWY 20 after just 34:28 minutes flight time. 😄
43 NM on the first day of the adventure... - I definitely need to improve my pace or I will need 80 weeks to finish the trip. 😉

No time for refueling at EGLC, just a quick cockpit preparation...

...and off we go. The new active was RWY 09 which at least saved some time taxiing...

Visibility had deteriorated alread after some showers but I simply had to do some sightseeing before I left for the shore...







London Eye









Low tops on my way to Shoreham-Brighton:


...and finally the hole in the clouds I was looking for...  🙂

42 seconds to go and it became too busy for more fotos...
Taxiing to the parking while the sea fog came rolling in...

Shoreham-Brighton, here we are...
I'm going to shop at Transair now for some equipment and then spend the next few days with friends before I proceed towards Suez...

See you on the next leg! 🙂

(Sceneries used:  EGLC - ORBX, EGKA - ORBX, ORBX True Earth Great Britain South)


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Change of plans... - I will need to skip Amsterdam due to my lame first day but I called Friebe Aero this morning and they will make sure that I can collect my orders even if I arrive late. So my next leg will be EGKA Shoreham-Brighton to EDFM Mannheim City Airport, approx. 350 NM direct. Weather forecast isn't too bad...  - some thin cloud layers up to FL 085 but sunshine above and a little tailwind of 15 kts will help too.
Metar for EDFM 240920Z 21007KT 9999 BKN031 10/05 Q1009, so warmer than Shoreham today and easy to fly. Will head for the airport now - see you in Mannheim. 🙂  

Kurze Planänderung: ich werde Amsterdam und Berlin auf meiner Routenplanung auslassen, die verspätete Anreise nach London und der sehr kurze erste Flug gestern haben mir jetzt etwas Zeitdruck gemacht und die Wetterprognosen sehen auch nicht gerade toll aus für ein Flugzeug ohne Enteisung...
Ich hab vorhin mit Friebe Aero telefoniert 😉 und die haben auch Sachen auf Lager, die ich eigentlich in Amsterdam und Berlin abholen wollte aber nun wird alles auf einen Stop in EDFM Mannheim hinauslaufen und Friebe hat zugesichert, dass ich meine Bestellung bekomme auch wenn ich verspätet landen sollte. Gott sei Dank haben die ihren Laden ja direkt auf dem Flughafen.
Also los geht's, schnell zum Flugplatz und dann melde ich später aus Mannheim wieder. Das Wetter sieht ja gut aus, klarer Himmel in FL095 und etwas Rückenwind, Metar  für Mannheim 240920Z 21007KT 9999 BKN031 10/05 Q1009, also auch kein Problem...  🙂

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Not the longest leg today but 2 hours closer to Suez. Today's leg was 349 NM from EGKA Shoreham to EDFM Mannheim, total flight time today 1:58:30 h, arriving in Mannheim at 13:48 local, 12:48 UTC. As there was no other scheduled traffic I got premission to park directly in front of the terminal building, picked up my order from Friebe and ordered a cab to visit friends nearby. I will continue the journey after the Xmas holidays, if weathers permits. Merry Christmas everyone!  🙂

Heute habe ich nur den angekündigten kurzen Flug nach Mannheim absolviert, 349 NM in 1:58:30 h Flugzeit. Das Wetter war überraschend gut und über dem Festland sogar relativ warm, bis zu 20 kts Rückenwind und in FL095 bis zu 202 kts Groundspeed. Der Anflug war auch VFR unproblematisch, bin 8 Minuten vor dem Platz durch ein Loch unter die Wolken und dann in 2.500ft weiter, alles Routine.
Um 13:48 Uhr Ortszeit bin ich gelandet und durfte direkt vor dem Terminal parken, zu Weihnachten war auf dem Flugplatz anscheinend nichts los. Habe dann schnell meine Bestellung bei FRIEBE abgeholt und dann ein Taxi gerufen um Freunde in der Nähe zu besuchen.
Nach den Weihnachtstagen geht es dann hoffentlich wieder weiter, vorausgesetzt das Wetter spielt mit. Frohe Weihnachten allerseits! 🙂

Cold morning in Shoreham, temperatures just above freezing and dark clouds in 2000 ft.

Taxiing to the active...

Along the shore to the East...

Climbing to FL095 over the channel and enjoying the sunshine when reaching the continent...

The tailwind picked up a little and my Mooney cruised along at 202 kts groundspeed.
Ein paar Minuten vor dem Platz ging es unter die Wolken und der Anflug auf Mannheim war problemlos. Hier ein Blick auf die Stadt von Westen aus 2500ft.

Final RWY27....

Friebe Aero Shop at Mannheim City Airport:


Parking in front of the terminal, a rare luxury...  😉


(Sceneries used:  EGKA - ORBX, EDFM -  Freeware Flightport)

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