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Changelog... seriously


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@Mathijs Kok I think you did not quite understand the last topic and posts on the subject. Or otherwise you seem to suggest that non-Aerosoft Store CRJ customers should go download Aerosoft ONE to go digging around for a changelog on the CRJ?


I am simply trying to see what has been new in the latest updates while being away from home and not having access to my sim system. There is a dedicated subforum for exactly that according to its description, that is not being updated along with each CRJ update. Would it be some kind of major inconvenience for someone with the rights to post there, to simply copy and paste the changelog there with each update?

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I completely agree … should be not that difficult. A latest version and the corresponding changelog. 


when users post in the “wrong forum “ its not good either … so it would be nice if Aerosoft follow their own rules also 😬👍


also … i want to use as less software as possible. So would prefer a post in the appropriate forum so i can download the complete new version from my account ( instead of all kind of installers etc etc ) 

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