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After missed approach and resequencing new approach and transition point, route/waypoints no longer appear on ND

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Just saw an oddity when flying a short flight from KCYS to KDEN (FD only).  First approach was loaded in to the FMS, ILS 16R via TSHNR.  I was horribly unstable at the MM, (and due to AI loitering on the runway before me) I went around.  After flying the published missed and getting to 12k', MS ATC gave me another approach to the same runway, but via KAILE.  When I entered it, executed, and made sure there were no discons, the waypoints did not display on the ND.  I shuffle the range, and was still able to follow the FD since it thought they were there,  Funny thing is, they suddenly appeared when the plane was between SHROM and SHRED.  Has anyone seen this before?  Granted I haven't flown many CRJ flights yet and don't really have a valid sample size yet, but if it's something seen, known, or I did something incorrectly, I'd like to know.  


P.S. This plane is GREAT!  I love it!  It's a bit of a handful, but VERY rewarding!  Thanks Aerosoft team!






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