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Future of EDDF?


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Quick question: is the Mega Frankfurt airport being updated for P3D v5? Apart from the real world updates, the airport was made I suppose for v3 and is quite heavy on textures and with dynamic lights issues on v5.

I have a very powerful computer (i9-11900k, 3080 ti) and get maximum 30-35 fps (with peaks down to 20) on runway 25 R, with constant micro-stutters when moving along the runway (although I don't keep all the options at EDDF at maximum). Don't need to make any adjustment in my general settings or computer, because I get 40-50 fps and excellent smoothness even in the heaviest airports except EDDF....

Please, don't say that P3D is dead, because for professionals it is NOT. At the moment it's the only simulator with study level airplanes and it's still a long way before study level airplanes will appear in FS2020, with all the features present in P3D...


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