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Tourist Bus Simulator bug: Passenger enter into the bus when the route is finisher


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my name is Daniele and I write from Italy.


I have a problem with yours game: I downloaded the STEAM free dlc, the bus BB40. I think it's necessary for some route, especially for the route through the mountains, but no one told me. But for the bug, it's this: when I finished a route, passengers still enters into the bus, and there is no way to make them leave. So I have saved the game and returned manually to the office (because it was not possible to make a new route or use the fast travel, and I try to not use that bus, to make it not of the player, and what happens? The people of the bus are still visible sitted on air. I'm sorry I can't give you a screenshot but there are some errors of the game when I tried to exit from it. But when I exit from the game, returned in it and press the button "Resume", everything fine. Except that order that I was not able to complete.


Can you assist?


I thank you for yours time.


Daniele "Draconius"

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