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Speed / Heading Bugs not "clickable"

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An annoying quirk, as the title states, my speed and heading bugs are not clickable.


While I can use the speed / heading dials / baro, I cannot center press the button to center the heading, etc...

Pressing B on the keyboard permits me switch to Standard Baro, I don't have a good resolution to this.


I am on the latest "everything" in MSFS, and have reinstalled the plane with no change.
It was especially puzzling as I was watching a Twitch streamer today, and he was able to use them without issue.


Thoughts? I can provide video if required.

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On 22.11.2021 at 23:43, Kewtz sagte:

That did it.

Now the question is why does it take two clicks when one click would suffice?


FAQ says:


For other informations please check the forum since it is plenty with discussions about this interaction.


Since the topic has been answered I will close it.

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