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[Important] Sim does not load at Aiport? Please report here!

Jonas S.

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2 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:


Thanks, I think we got those ones. They all fit the same pattern.

I just reported again as it seems this is the "official" place and the others have gone quiet.  Good luck with the fix.  Would love to see this work.  Now, we just need some AFCADS for correct parking - is that even possible in MSFS 2020 as it is now?  

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2 minutes ago, jlbelard said:

Hi Jonas


I had the problem of infinite loading at Orly airport (LFPG) until I realized that I had an Add-on for it..  Once I removed the add-on, Simple Traffic worked perfectly and my flight loaded as fast as usual




What add-on was that? This information is SUPER important for us.

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33 minutes ago, sergykal said:

Why is Aerosoft locking down other threads related to this issue?


Nothing in community folder and the sim can’t start with ST installed. 


Because we want to keep all informations regarding one issue in one topic.  Much easier to manage for us, and much easier for the customers to follow.

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Finally installed this after many tries.


- LFPO by Jetstream : infinite loading

- no labels for AI offline traffic, but traffic relevant to the airport (airlines OK)

- online traffic long to load, see labels, but don't see the actual planes

- AI Ground aIrcrafts are a mess as per the documentation (irrelevant airlines at airports + some aircraft are 5 feet above ground)


Thanks Aerosoft

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12 hours ago, Matt Gribble said:

I'm also getting infinite load times at two of my custom airports.

Birmingham EGBB by Macco Simulations: https://maccosim.com/product/egbb-birmingham-airport/

Gatwick EGKK: https://flightsim.to/file/5784/gatwick-egkk-ultra-star-edition-phase-1-0


I really don't want to play with the terrible default airports.


This is the weird thing about this problem. I too have EGBB by Macco Simulations and it caused no issues at all  For me its Pilot Plus Wycombe Air Park that causes issues.

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7 minutes ago, Spartan30061 said:

I just got a CTD from ESSA to EPWA both default airports. Using the FBW A320NX, i was cold and dark at the gate, and then after a couple of minutes CTD

And what got this to do with this topic?

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Same infinite load issues when trying to run in conjunction with numerous Orbx airports:
EGHI Southampton

EGKA Shoreham

EGLC London City

EGTR Elstree

EGGD Pilotplus Bristol

EGTK Pilotplus London Oxford


Also infinite load with Flightsim.to - EGKK Gatwick.


Incidentally, no issues when using UK2000 Jersey 🙂


Hope a fix is possible.





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20 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

We have 73 people who reported an issue and several thousands of customers.  It is clear there i an issue for some people (and we know one airport where it will cause issues for all customers) and we have a pretty good idea why. We'll send a test file to Asobo and they will see if our idea is correct. When that is done we know if we have to do something. 


So I do not think it is correct to remove the product, we sell a few copies every minute and those people clearly want the product.

So you think that 73 people are having this issue and the others not just because they didn’t report it?

Are you serious?

It seems clear that this is happening to everyone; And it’s not “two airports” c’mon..

Why do you keep telling us things like this?


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  • Deputy Sheriffs
12 minutes ago, Misteroscar said:

It seems clear that this is happening to everyone; And it’s not “two airports” c’mon..


  • The problem has been confirmed
  • There are a few airports where all customers are affected.
  • There are also airports which have been reported here where not all customers are affected. You even find YouTube videos where those airports work perfectly fine for those YouTubers.
  • It has been stated that the problem will be fixed (very) soon.

And as I told you already yesterday, please feel free to get in touch with customer support for a refund if you don't want to wait for the fix.


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