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What´s next with PFPX

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Dear all,


first of all we would like to thank you for the years of support. 


PFPX - the program itself as well as the server subscription - will still be optainable on our homepage (www.flightsimsoft.com). As in past, our support ticket system is of course available for you (requests of resetting activation counter; Virtual Airline support; ...).


We would especially like to thank Stephen Cooke for his tireless support! We are in contact with him as he still would like to give support for the PFPX community. 


Kind regards,

Judith & Christian


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Thank-you Judith and Christian for a wonderful program.


A lot of the enjoyment in this hobby comes from planning realistically for the airline I choose to fly - PFPX with its huge range of options makes this possible.  I would honestly enjoy this hobby far less without a program such as PFPX which you created.


I am glad to read you will still have the program available, along with the server subsription, so hopefully PFPX will not "die" as did Danur's FOC.


I was going to make a post for others to put ideas of what PFPX enthusiasts should do into the future, but having read your post my mind is somewhat more at rest.


Thanks again, your program has and will continue to give me much enjoyment.


Kind regards,



PS - indeed many thanks to Stephen Cooke who has been an absolutely essential member of the community.  Cheers, Stephen :)

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Dear Judith and Christian,

as a long time user of PFPX I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all those years of commitment and engagement to both your customers and your program.
I still think the release of v2, completely FREE of charge to existing customers, was a very kind and generous move towards your user base. As a customer that's something you should never take for granted!
Despite its quirks and flaws here and there PFPX still is a magnificent piece of software that enabled me to have a more realistic approach to my flight simulation hobby and made my life as a simmer pretty comfortable.

When I once had to open a support ticket, I was replied to by Christian in a matter of hours and my issue was dealt with swiftly.
Also, kudos to Stephen and his tireless support here in the forum. His expertise and his willingness to help others are greatly appreciated.

While priorities in life shifted for you guys a couple of years ago, I still am hoping there is a slight chance, development will not completely seize and that one day we might see PFPX v3 which I will gladly pay for.

For now, let me thank you again and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Servus und liebe Grüße

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Thank you for providing the ultimate tool for flight planning. I bought PFPX and TopCat back in November 2013 and they've performed extremely well over that time.


Stephen Cooke has been an indispensible help for many years and it's pleasing to see he's continuing support. Thank you for that Stephen.


Have Judith and Christian considered selling the source code so another enthusiast could pick up the baton and continue with development? It seems rather sad it will just remain in limbo and not be further developed.

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On 11/11/2021 at 12:11 AM, FlightSimSoft.com said:

As in past, our support ticket system is of course available for you (requests of resetting activation counter; Virtual Airline support; ...).

Funny enough you say that since I have been trying to reach someone at FlightSimSoft for weeks maybe even months. I even contacted Aerosoft to help me reach you guys...


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Dear Christian and Judith,


Despite giving my unfiltered opinion about the replies I got regarding TOPCAT from Judith on mail in several of my streams, I would still like to express my thanks for providing the community with two fantastic products. I couldn't imagine doing flights without PFPX, even though I need to do a bit more hoops and jumps to get it too Vatsim/IVAO.

When I look at TOPCAT and PFPX, my main concern is longevity. Yes, PFPX has some quirks and some bugs, that would be nice to get fixed, but the program works as intended and more importantly, it's longevity is ensured by the community itself to be able to make aircraft profiles, OFP templates and add airport information to the program. As I see it, it is here the issue lies with TOPCAT. I can certainly understand if TOPCAT is written in an old language, that it may be more cumbersome to update it and that it could possible really need a port to a more recent codebase (it is hard to speculate about without knowing the language it was written in). I, unfortunately, have only been able to use TOPCAT on one plane, the X Plane 11 Zibo Boeing 737, but boy, does it shine. The direct integration with PFPX and the detailed info about seating arrangements, weight distribution and likewise, is second to none. 
But, herein also is the longevity issue with TOPCAT. The inability of the community to create performance profiles for the program. I have the ToLiss Airbus A321, A340 and FFA A359 and I would love nothing more that to use TOPCAT for each and every of those planes, even though they have their own calculators, simply because the fantastic integration with PFPX. But sadly I can't, because of lacking profiles.

So, personally, I would say that some way of giving the community ways to make TOPCAT profiles, would come a very very long way. Not only for the community, but probably also for your sales of TOPCAT and PFPX.


Michael Hansen 

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Is there any word if FlightSimSoft is still providing support?

- No response to direct messages on Aerosoft Forum

- No response to emails (both to office@flightsimsoft.com or support@flightsimsoft.com)

- No Response to ZenDesk Tickets

- No Response to Aerosoft forums


How can we get proper support?

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