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CRJ 550 / 700 11-10 update changelog


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  • DGH changed the title to CRJ 550 / 700 11-10 update changelog

I pulled this from ASUpdater:


Quote Update 7 (for Sim Update 6)

  • Fixed spring-loaded switches not returning in SU6
  • Updated flight model for compatibilty with SU6
  • Fix for Knob/Push combinations on FCP
  • Fixed (INTC) legs when cross track error to next leg is negative (= intercepting from the left). Test case: LSGG/04 ARBO8N SID
  • Mach/IAS Calculations adapted to MSFS SU5+
  • Exterior model icing added


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Hi all,

Just a small opportunity for improvement from my side.

I tried to find the changelog for the updated version of the CRJ500/700 and intuitively look in the "Latest versions and updates sections" of the CRJ MSFS2020 forum. 

Unfortuntaly could not find there and it took some time to get trough some posts to finally find this information.


Does it not make sense to post everytime an update is published into this section:


-Version number

-What changed (changelog)

-How to install it from the different sources


Would give a lot better overview and might answer already a lot of questions upfront

thanks a lot and best regards,

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19 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:


No, not as far as we know

@Mathijs Kok

@Hans Hartmann


same here … with all the knobs … just a hand in the previous arrow clickspot. The center of the HDG knob for example per default is a hand … and you still need to press right mouse to trigger the action.

however the “zone” where the the hand changes to an arrow changed ( farther left / right from the button ) 


this moved “clickspot” is causing issues with the HDG knob for example … in combination with 1/2 bank button.


see pictures … hand where it was previously an arrow on speed knob .. and next picture where it is now triggering the arrow. 


also the arrow shows up in a TINY and almost unusable clickspot. You have to be extremely precise 


hope this helps …





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28 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

Ahhh right. Clickzones are 100% determined by the simulator, no way to change those. Will discuss it though.

Are u sure on that ? fs2020 does not “know” where exactly to click a button from a 3rd party aircraft.

The planes programmer decides where the button is located … size and where to click etc etc etc … 


also … this is happening AFTER the latest CRJ update and not happening  to any other fs2020 aircraft … ONLY the CRJ


so even if it is MSFS ( not ) … something in the latest update triggered that ! And that update was created by Aerosoft i think.




did reset the crj … same issue. And still wobbling also by the way ( since March 😞 ) 

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

At least for the Aerosoft version:

- Versionhistory on the productpage

- or the readme file which can be found in your CRJ installation folder under \Data. Way to get there: in AerosoftONE: Library/installed adddons/ choose the product and then click on manuals and you will get a link to the readme.

No idea how Microsoft handles this with the store version.


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