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Any StreamDeck CRJ AAO Users Out There?

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I've been SLOWLY getting up to speed on AAO (old dog, new tricks) and bought a StreamDeck XL. I installed the Guenseli icons/scripts for it and it's working great (after a thankful assist from Oliver at Lorby).


Now I'm curious if anyone's managed to take it further? I did some SIMPLE things like use the oddly unused icons in the Guenseli pack to improve the look of things. For example, I switched simple "on" icons with the icon of the switch actually flipped and used the colored CAUTION/WARNING icons to animate just like in the plane. All of my changes required nothing more than replacing icons.


Now I'd like to find out if anyone solved some of the buttons needing to be pushed twice or how to add other items like opening the door (which I have working in AAO) and adding third states to some things like the APU going from START to AVAIL, etc.



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