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Aerosoft One doesn't recognize manually installed Products

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beeing the first one posting here.. uff :D

Just installed the Aerosoft One (cause I saw it while downloading Heathrow).


Problem: The program does not recognize manually installed addons.


I've installed EGLL manually started the Aerosoft One, pressed update list, but it shows "not installed".


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That is correct. Aerosoft One needs to install add-ons by itself in order to be able to manage (update) them.


If you click on "installieren" the uninstaller (of the manually installed version) will be started and afterwards you can install EGLL again thorugh Aerosoft One.


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morning all. i own the crj professional , a330 a318 a319 a320 and a321 professional. but they do not show up as available or not installed in p3d v5 section of aerosoft one.is there a way to get things under one roof of as one? or is my fate to have to use the updater and the as one? regards

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On 9/24/2021 at 6:16 AM, J. Zameit said:


Regarding external serial numbers:

Currently Aerosoft One only supports serial-keys that were exclusively created for Aerosoft One.


This also means all previous purchases, which offer the purchased add-ons via installer, will not work.


Right now Aerosoft One either supports the following shops and products, or will support them in the near future:

- x-plane.org

- simMarket

- JustFlight


- Airport Kassel XP

- Airport Ben Gurion XP

- Aerosoft Antarctica Vol. 1 - British Rothera and Beyond MSFS

- Aerosoft Airfield Kufstein-Langkampfen MSFS


We realize this did end up confusing quite some users,

so we will add an additional notice to the serial input popup in Aerosoft One with the next update.


Best Regards,

Julian Zameit

thank you

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