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Antartica Vol.1


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On 3/31/2022 at 12:49 PM, Martin J. said:

still possible for me with SU8: Twotter standing still, the two pics differ only with "slew" on/off. By careful inspection (upper left) you see an altitude  jump:  849 vs 5ft !


Am I right to assume that "slew=On" in the one with the sunken Twotter? If so, that's normal behavior in MSFS as it doesn't support slewing on hard 3D surfaces (same with ship helipads etc.) like FSX and P3D did.

If shouldn't affect actual flying/taxiing though.




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... thats correct and understood.

  I slew sometimes on (non-standard) airports and have never seen it - buts that probably only because nobody does a new 3D mesh with them.

No sweat and Thx!


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yes i see penguins, moving snow vehicles and people and also the static ship. but supposedly a boat should also go to an island where you can watch the orcas in the south? I don't see that and orcas. Or am I doing something wrong? time of year?

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Just checked again in MSFS SU10 and they're still there as intended:




Hint: If you activate developer mode you can temporarily activate Options -> Debug Model LODs. This will display all models loaded and you will be able to easily spot moving models in the distance to track them down:



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