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Maddog MD80 P3D

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Dear Dave,


This cannot be guranteed as altough the real life instruments may look similar,

the way these are implemented in a simulator varies from plane to plane or editor to editor.

Eventough there are common keys between an MD80 or a B737, the offsets or L-Vars used to 

interface them to hardware are not always the same.

The current compatible addons are :

PMDG 747
PMDG 777

Prepar3D V1-V5:
PMDG 747
PMDG 777

X-Plane 11 :
ZIBO 737-800
IXEG 737-300


Best regards.

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I see that the guys over at SpadNext have started working with this.  So hopefully they can figure it out.  If I sold something like this I would want compatibility as wide as possible.  But that's just as me. 

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