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Create two different flight plan


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Good day to all ! I ask for a curiosity that i have. In some video over youtube i can saw airbus pilot configure the bus for a flight for example from eddf and eddm . And they can does in the mcdu the flight plan back to eddf  . I try to do this in the secondari flight plan page but after landing all flight plan are not visible.  How i can do is it possible? This is a things can we do during cruise . Prepare the flight plan for flight back or for another destination.  Thanks and happy landing! 

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What you might be seeing is a stored company route rather than a secondary flight plan.  As far as I know, the Primary and Secondary flight plans are cleared when the aircraft lands.  In the MD80 this is called a DFGC reset which occurs as soon as the Weight on Wheels (WOW) sensor is triggered.


Pass a link to that video and I'll be happy to take a look.


Best wishes.


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