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Mach Selected/Computed Discrepancy/FD Discrepancy (1.0.6)


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Dear All,


kindly find here a screenshot of the PFD where the issues are highlighted. There's apparently a (approx) 0.015 Mach differences between the FCP selected value and the computed one.


Also the FD is out of sync with the aircraft attitude. The latter issue was there also in 1.0.5.



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Is there any solution to this yet or at least acknowledgment that this is a legitimate issue from Aerosoft? I keep catching myself going faster than I intend to since it's more intuitive to follow the bug than the actual mach number displayed above.

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  • CRJ Forum Moderator

We are aware of this bug and what is causing it, but it will require another CRJ update to fix it. In SU5, MSFS is now using a more accurate way to calculate pressure altitude, and that will require a change at our end in how the CRJ processes Mach and IAS. The problem will not occur if you fly with the clear sky weather preset, but will be seen (to a greater or lesser degree) when Live Weather is active.


I cannot give an ETA for the next CRJ update.

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