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EDTO ETP ADD fuel seems excessive.

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When you look at the flightplan below, I have tried but failed to understand why 24,500 lbs of fuel is being added to the flight plan. When you look at the EDTO block, the most critical fuel scenario is a 2-engine decompression at the last ETP. (ETP-2).  It mentions that required fuel at this point is 74,000 lbs. Planned fuel on board at that point is no less than 119,200 lbs. or 45,000 lbs. over required. So even if I take away the 24,500 lbs. additional fuel, I am still 20,000 lbs. over required more or less. 

I tried a different standard PFPX (ICAO) fuel policy to check if there may be a fuel policy error, but the result was nearly identical. Does anyone have a clue why so much fuel is being added seemingly unneccessarily? 

I've added my aircraft profile EDTO section for reference.




UAL6804 NZAA-KIAH (10-Aug-2021) #1.txt

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Something does not look right there as you have an entry:


-------------- ETOPS ENTRY (MMSL) 0043 NM BEFORE SLW   EET 12:29 ---------------


which is not required and has no exit.


Post a snapshot of the aircraft general tab.

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I think the problem was that I didn't select adequate airports after MMSL to continue out of ETOPS. So it created another ETP point. In this case, having MMSL as last adequate airport, the system may have done a ETOPS-with-only-one-airport scenario where it calculates fuel based on a worst case scenario of being at the edge of the ETOPS circle or something. Destination airport was not in the adequate airport list either as can be seen. I haven't tested the theory but that may be it.

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Just let PFPX find adequates to establish the 60min required range, then add the EDTO airports as required.


Without them you lost mainland USA adequates including the destination, also had an additional EDTO entry/exit around Tahiti.

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